What is a “Sales Clinic” and How to Create One for your Team


Even your most talented salespeople have the ability to be better. It sounds like a motivational speech, but it’s true: your entire sales team can learn to increase their performance, exercise skills and abilities that you never suspected, and work more together. How? With a sales clinic.

If you don’t believe us, wait until you read this article.

Each business will have different aspects to improve, so no sales clinic is the same in two companies.

We are going to share with you some characteristics that make them very valuable for the growth of your sales team and the achievement of objectives in that department.

What is a sales clinic for?

Join the sales team

Since it is an activity that is carried out as a team and with all those who are part of sales, it is a good opportunity for people who have just joined the department to meet the rest and vice versa. The exercises also work as icebreakers and, when created in a safe space, lead to more confidence and less informality, even if the main topic is work. Think that the work environments where there is more trust have employees 50% more productive than the rest.

Allows you to practice uncomfortable, but realistic scenarios

Dealing with customers can lead sales reps into situations that are not always desirable. After all, human beings can be unpredictable, explosive, or a bit stubborn. Someone who has not had experiences of this type will take advantage of the activities that revolve around these interactions to know what actions they can take and have weapons to prevent or manage problems.

Help explore hidden skills

Sometimes the true talents of your salespeople or sales managers need an opportunity to come to the fore. A sales clinic will help people explore contexts outside of their comfort zone, so they will learn a lot about that potential that was sleeping or that they had not considered due to shyness or lack of knowledge.

Share knowledge and experience of the entire team

By bringing people of different levels and experiences together, there is space to exchange anecdotes and lessons that they have learned throughout their work. It is also the place where everyone, at the same time, will dabble in innovative tools to improve their work.

Introduce new techniques and tools

Be it data management systems, applications to have contact with clients beyond the phone or a face-to-face appointment, in a sales clinic you always learn something new: the newest techniques to follow up with a prospect, no matter if it is for technical skills or soft skills.

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Helps to increase income

This is one of the benefits in the medium and long term. When you have a large sales team, you find better results in the numbers of the company’s income. That is why it is convenient to see a sales clinic as a smart investment of time and resources, since in the end it is about reinforcing knowledge, collaborations and goals together.

When it comes time to plan a sales clinic, you will also realize which goal (s) you need to set. The ones that follow are the most common, because they represent the majority of the challenges that sales teams face.

7 goals of a sales clinic

1. Approach to customers and leads

Here we refer to the first interactions that sales reps will have with leads or customers for the first time; They must reflect the personality of the company and the philosophy it projects in its products and services.

2. Closing of sales

Reaching a sales deal can be quite a complicated process if certain steps are not followed to help the customer decide on the benefits of a product or service. This is why this exercise can improve profitability for each seller.

3. Management of objections

Throughout the process, leads will share doubts or present arguments against doing business with a company. Sometimes it will be a matter of the client’s personality (too critical, demanding, shy, reserved, for example), and in others it will have to do with a problem that the product or service presents. Whatever it is, you have to deal with it.

4. Customer service

This section refers to all contact points: telephone, online chat, email, face-to-face appointments, anything that serves to follow up on customer requests, from a question to a purchase improvement. Each communication channel needs a different management and, therefore, the information that each one provides must be used to provide good service.

5. Introduction of a new product or service

Offering innovations also requires different communication, because perhaps your target audience is different from the customers the company already had.

6. Improvement of oral, written and corporal expression

To write a follow-up email, choose the best words when taking a complaint call, or hide your nerves on a date with an important prospect, there are techniques that hone communication skills to say the right thing at the right time.

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7. Implementation of new tools

There are software and applications that facilitate and improve the sales process with efficient data management, which allows us to understand what a customer needs and their behaviors. Learning how to use them will make your sales department more successful.

1. Identify the objectives you want to achieve

A successful sales clinic doesn’t start from scratch. You need goals, even if the first ones that arise in a company are not so ambitious. Perhaps what you are looking for is that your brand new team is better integrated and knows the company’s sales manual. Later you can make one that focuses on the most innovative closure technique of the digital age, but always go for what is most important to achieve good results.

2. Take into account the skills that stand out from your sales team

This will also help you consider what to promote with your sales clinic activities and role plays. This is a window for learning; everyone will be able to exercise skills that they cannot always implement because circumstances have not allowed it.

Maybe you have sales reps who are very good at solving problems, but with little people skills; this is reflected in the quality of care surveys. Believe it or not, you can be friendly and efficient, so look for it on your team.

3. Provide a safe space

With these activities there will be a lot of conviviality, integration of the team, an opportunity to joke a little and also to exchange opinions, not only about work. The idea is that a sales clinic is the ideal space for test solutions before implementing them and evaluate how well they work. It is important to know how the people who make up your sales team feel, what they think of the methods they learn and if they agree with them. That is why there should be no judgments or attempts to lessen the impact of your conclusions.

A safe space is also responsible for providing an environment free of discrimination between employees. Make sure everyone feels welcome, part of one team, and just as valuable.

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4. Consider real experiences to do role-playing games

This is the perfect time to take up those cases that did not come out so well from the list of anecdotes of the company. In addition to being able to laugh at those first-time mistakes everyone has made at some time in their careers, it helps to land the kinds of situations they’ll have to face when dealing with a client, from the most positive to the most uncomfortable. The great advantage is that now everyone can analyze them from a distance and find better solutions among all.

5. Give room for doubts and concerns about the topics that the sales clinic touches.

At the end of each activity, open the dialogue with your team. Let them share with you how they felt, which aspects they found the most difficult to deal with, if they have doubts about a method or, even better, if they want to share a suggestion.

In this way, you involve your sales team more in all processes and they realize how valuable the contribution of their own experiences is to enrich learning.

6. At the end, ask for feedback for future opportunities

As well as we recommend that you carry out satisfaction surveys with your clients, ask your sales team for their impressions of the clinic: the organization, the space chosen to work, if they consider that there were important topics that were not discussed, if they want to learn something that is not yet on the table. These prints help create better clinics in the future and keep them current.

Now we will share an example of how to make a sales clinic with one objective: to take calls of complaints or problems with the delivery of the service or product that reach the customer service phone.

Sales clinic example

Look at this example of a sales clinic organization that is focused on a common problem for salespeople: how to manage their emotions when interacting with an aggressive customer.

Now you have everything to start a sales clinic. Implement it whenever you can with your team, so that it becomes the best in the industry.

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