What is a Landing Page and what is it for? (and learn to create yours)


You already have your website, you offer customer-focused products and services, and you have established a sales process. However, you are not achieving the level of conversion that you would like?

Improve the chances that ideal customers will decide on your offer with a landing page.

Landing pages or landing pages are a resource that brings excellent results to position an offer. Millions of marketers prove its effectiveness!

In addition, it is aimed at a specific audience that you should know in advance. Its strength lies in the fact that you speak to the audience through valuable content to convert them into leads.

It is important that you remember this principle: build a specialized landing page for each offer.

Thanks to a landing page, you will also get a list of contacts with which you will follow up on leads and you can use tools to retain them.

Before starting to design your landing page, you need to know what your objectives are, as well as the overall goals of the business. In addition, it sets a standard for results, be it new subscribers, downloads or shared content, for example.

What types of landing page are there?

There are different types of landing page; select the most convenient ones to bring your marketing process to life.

Landing page included in the main page

If you want to highlight and describe a product, include its landing page on the home page. In this way, you will make it easy for the audience to reach you and thus improve the conversion rate.

Place it below the introduction to the brand or, if you already have a recognizable company, you can add it right in the first box.

Category landing page

When users search for a specific product, instead of taking them to the home page, have them land on an optimized page for the category they are interested in.

This will prevent them from browsing the entire site and giving up before making the purchase.

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Landing page

Create a reduced menu site if you are planning a launch, as that will call to action for the specific offer.

It is preferable that you do not include external links and limit the navigation options, as this will ensure that the user is not distracted.

Landing page with form

If you want to obtain data to generate leads, add a form with a quick and forceful explanation about what problem of your audience you identify and how you will solve it. Offer valuable content like eBooks or a podcast, for example.

Remember that contact details are the basis of a personalized and relevant marketing strategy.

Landing page on Facebook

When your goal is to optimize your Facebook page, tailor your landing pages and add calls to action.

Enter several links to your website where there are forms, as this social network is effective as a linking channel between the company and the potential customer.

Landing page click-through

To take the user towards a direct purchase, create a click-through page, which usually leads to an offer or a trial period, be it of a software, an educational program or a service.

Do not put more than the button to buy, while any other link can cause the user to escape.

How to make a successful landing page?

A landing page is the tool that you cannot miss in your inbound strategy. Optimize it and create an innovative design that goes hand in hand with the image of your company.

If you offer content, it must be created specifically for your audience. When you think about the customer first, their experience will be more enjoyable and valuable, which means that your business will have an extraordinary boost.

1. Define your audience

Analyze who represents your market, what they do and what they do in their free time, since this data is the basis of an approach strategy.

For example, Spotify has an exclusive landing page for artists. Your landing page uses black and white background colors, which gives a professional and elegant appearance. In contrast, the use of colorful and wide-format images translates into a creative and confident attitude.

It also makes use of videos, calls to action, and informational articles for musicians.

Spotify landing page example for musicians

2. Offer value to the consumer

Focus on what your consumer needs and create the strategies that hit the mark.

See how Evernote offers its student discount on a landing page. There are bold colors, images that refer to education with a modern twist, and multimedia resources. His messages are light-hearted and empathetic with the user’s problems.

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Both at the beginning and at the end of the page you can create an account with email and password. There are guaranteed subscriptions there!

Evernote landing page example with student discount

For more details on how to create an effective landing page, check out our article How to make an effective landing page: a step-by-step guide.

3. Design an attractive and interactive page

Each page should align with the personality of the company, but you have many ways to play with your design. Use eye-catching initial text and large images: Don’t forget that fine-tuning the visuals helps you grab the visitor’s attention.

Slack’s landing page is a perfect example, as its page is completely eye-catching. With a simple and direct language it presents you just what they are, and invites you to try its services.

4. Optimize your page

Optimizing your landing page makes it easier for Google to classify you and set the target audience, so more and better visits will arrive.

An optimized landing page will have several of these characteristics:

  • It has concise titles and subtitles.

  • Describe the offer clearly and respond to the customer’s needs.

  • Appeal to emotions and have clear language.

  • Use attractive images.

  • Contains a form.

  • Displays a link to the privacy policy.

  • Makes calls to action.

For example, BlaBlaCar has landing pages within the main page for both riders and drivers. The image and message are emotional and compelling so visitors are likely to click through and open an account.

5. Create more landing pages

If you want more sales, you must create more landing pages. Landing pages are perfect for promoting specific items or services. You can make offers, promotions, dynamics and any strategy that you think your target audience will be interested in.

In addition, they are ideal for monitoring and analyzing metrics. This will help you to know which content works and which does not. You can find inspiration in these examples of successful landing pages.

How do you know what type of landing page you need?

Now that you know what types of elements work for all the types of audience that exist in your market and in the different industries, you will be able to define more precisely the elements that will be useful to capture their attention once they land on your landing page. To do this, creating profiles and taking your buyer persona into account is essential.

Additionally, analyze what type of content you are offering. Is it an ebook? A free trial? A recording of a webinar? Depending on the format, you will be able to have on your landing page, in one way or another, the elements that you know will help you increase your conversion rate: How detailed should the form be? Will you use a little or a lot of text? Will you add any testimonials?

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You know better than anyone your market and the industry where your business operates, so you must tend to be faithful to the preferences of your users to convert them into leads.

Time to get down to work. But how? Luckily, there are several tools that will allow you to create a landing page that is as attractive as it is effective:

1. HubSpot

If you need a specialized tool in terms of data quality and design options, HubSpot software to create landing pages, or landing pages, will allow you to quickly make your pages.

It has a design adapted to all devices and has tools for calls to action, among other features with which you will make your landing pages in a snap. The best thing is that you can analyze, test and optimize its performance.

2. Launchrock

It is ideal if you want to try this resource for the first time. Its functions are few, but effective to implement a campaign.

It has a design adapted to any device and allows you to introduce pre-sale features and invitation to a new account, as well as showing various data and segmentation.

3. WPBakery

It works for any WordPress theme and its free version is ideal for starting a project.

Some of its functions are to add icons, photos and custom sections.

4. Forge plugin for WordPress

Create a page with this plugin that works as a page builder. You will have to design step by step, but it is a good alternative to experiment with this resource.

To analyze performance you will have to resort to other tools, which is essential to measure effectiveness.

It’s time to create your own landing page. Maximize your number of leads with an effective landing page!

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