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What Makes Weebly So Easy to Use?

Good question. The first thing you’ll notice is how nicely the drag and drop interface is designed. Just select the element you want on the left, and place it on your layout on the right.

weebly element

Weebly’s excellent drag and drop page builder

You’ll find that elements snap into place and arrange themselves perfectly on the page. Other solutions, such as Wix, forego the grid system, so it’s quite possible to end up with overlapping elements. With Weebly, no risk of that happening.

weebly pages 1

Clean, sharp grid-based layouts

Working with text is also a breeze on Weebly. You just click what you want to edit and type your own words in the box. Some other solutions use “entry masks” which are a bit more abstract and not always easy to work with.

The navigation system also works wonders. You can dig deep into menus and submenus: Weebly handles them like a charm.

weebly navigation levels 1

No amount of navigation level is too complex for Weebly

Finally, if you get stuck anywhere, the Weebly knowledge base can answer a lot of questions through clear tutorials and step-by-step guides. Failing that, the support is excellent, whether by email, chat, or phone.

So are there any downsides? That depends. If you want more freedom with your layouts, then you might feel frustrated by the rigid grid system. You should go for Wix. This competitor also has an automated solution (Wix ADI) that can build the website for you pretty much by itself. You can possibly shave off a few minutes of your website building time.

There are also two things we’d like to see. First is a global undo button. You can undo what you type in text boxes, but it would be nice to erase mistakes when you move or add elements. Secondly, Weebly doesn’t have a general media database that keeps all your pictures. You’ll have to re-upload images for every element that needs them.

Which Weebly Pricing Plan is Best for Me?

We’d say the main question to ask yourself is: do I need a fully ad-free website? If so, you will need at least the Professional plan.

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It will offer everything you need for displaying information about your services, portfolio or company details. Other features of the Professional plan are:

  • Fancy header with slideshow or video background.
  • Integrated video / audio player
  • Password-protected pages
  • Membership module – to let users sign in and access private sections of the website

SEO: How Will My Weebly Site Rank On Google?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: if you are an advanced SEO expert who absolutely needs to rank #1 on search engines for a really competitive keyword, you might have a tough time with Weebly. It’s not impossible, but there are limitations:

  • Your headings are limited to H2. There’s a free app that lets you add headings from h1 to h6, however, it messes a bit with your formatting. We wonder why Weebly doesn’t integrate it into their system.
  • Certain pages (categories and product pages) add a mandatory string to your URL. You get things like www.yoursite.com/store/p1/my-product/yellow. Not a huge issue unless your site is not in English. Same with the blog posts, they’ll have ‘/blog/’ in the URL structure and this can’t be changed.
  • Adding structured data ( Rich Snippets) is done via source code. But you are on your own as Weebly doesn’t help.

On the plus side, Weebly does things really well when it comes to:

  • URL, Title tags & meta-descriptions. You can customize them, along with Alt texts for images. This is especially important to rank your images.
  • 301 redirects. You can control them to avoid broken links when a page URL has been changed. Google deeply dislikes 404 pages.
  • Image optimization. Weebly does a great job at compressing the images you upload. This improves speed, always a boon for SEO.

Still a bit confused about SEO? Don’t forget that we have a full guide on the subject here.

Security & Backups: How Safe and Secure is a Weebly Website?

As far as we know, very safe. The company takes security very seriously. They promote strong passwords and offer SSL encryption on all plans. Even the free tier will run on https which offers an extra layer of security. Especially important for on-site personal data exchange (e.g. credit card or email address).

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weebly ssl enabled 1

Weebly offers de facto SSL encryption on all plans, even free ones

Unfortunately, we wish Weebly offered more in the way of backup and restore systems. You have to take care of it manually by saving your site as a .zip file regularly. And there’s no restore function in case disaster strikes. Wix, for instance, tracks new changes and lets you jump back in time to a previous version of your site.

Weebly Design Options and Templates: Making it Look Good

We have a detailed article about Weebly’s templates where you can read the main pros and cons. However, we want to give you here a quick overview of the main features here.

The first thing to note is that Weebly doesn’t have a ton of template designs (around 50), but you should easily be able to find one you like. There are different categories available: Online Store, Business, Portfolio, Personal, Event and Blog.

They automatically look great on every device (by being responsive), and they can be adapted to match your own personal needs, using the templates as a base. No need for you to get a web design diploma!

weebly themes features 1

Weebly’s Template Selection – Sharp and clean, in our opinion

Of course, if you are all about design, and absolutely need to be able to customize it down to the last pixel, you should check out Wix in addition. Their template selection is unmatched and they have an even more flexible editor…

… unless you are confident with coding. This is because Weebly, unlike other builders, gives you access to the template source code.

weebly code 1

A template source code for designers who work with code

Want to dig under the hood and modify the CSS and HTML? You’ll have free reign here, as you can see in the image above.

Ecommerce: Is a Weebly Online Store Worth it?

We’d say yes, with a caveat. It’s great to sell physical and digital products for small and medium-sized shops, but maybe not for huge ones. Although you can use the import and export function to manage a large number of items, you might find Weebly lacking in features for massive stores.

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Products Weebly Store 1

Easily add products to a Weebly store

You can even start an online store in the free plan, which is really great and not something you see very often. Obviously, it won’t look very professional to start an eCommerce business in Free or Personal as there’s the Weebly ad in the footer. But Professional is a decent place to start as you can always upgrade to Performance should you need Abandoned Cart Emails or priority support.

App Store: Can I Enhance My Website with Add-Ons?

You bet! There are no less than 300 apps in a number of categories such as eCommerce, Communication, Marketing, Social, or  Site Tools. Some are free, some are paid. Some are built by Weebly, some by third-party developers. For the latter, there is always an (unlikely) chance that it might shut down one day. Also a pity the apps made by Weebly are quite limited.

However, one thing all the apps have in common is a super easy installation feature. One-click and bam! All apps are tested and will work instantly on your website. We tried some cool ones like a way to add tables, event calendars, and info bars to display special information. Our only qualm is that the quality and quantity of apps are slightly inferior to those in the Wix App Store.

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