Mangools vs Semrush (2022) — Which SEO Tool Should You Choose?

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Overview: Mangools vs. Semrush

For many first-time bloggers or website owners, finding the right keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) tool may be a daunting task.

Thankfully, there are many tools available – some free and others paid  – which are worth checking and using for initial keyword research.

However, not all of them give you data that’s useful and relevant.

In this post, we’re going to compare two popular tools – Mangools and Semrush – which can help you with your keyword research and SEO activities.

What can I do with these Tools?


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Mangools is an SEO software suite launched in 2014 that comprises several tools or apps including KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler.

You can access all these tools from the Mangools dashboard page, which shows how many keywords, SERPs, and backlinks that you can look up depending on the plan you’re subscribed to.

Mangools is easy to use and offers a seamless user interface, a beautiful design, support with SEO skills through its support team, and great value for money with all the powerful features you need.

See SERP for any location, track your rankings, find backlinks, gauge competitor website & more. Use Mangools to simplify your search engine optimization.


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Semrush, on the other hand, is also an all-around SEO tool launched in 2008 that supports both tradition and competitor-based keyword research methods among other features.

The tool helps you improve online visibility and discover marketing insights especially for marketers that work in PPC, SEO, keyword and competitive research, SMM, PR, campaign management, content marketing, and marketing insights.

Ultimately, your goals determine how you will use Semrush. Most digital marketing goals require that you measure, improve, and report, but Semrush helps you do all three regardless of your area of focus or expertise.

Not only businesses, but even non-profit organizations can also use Semrush to gain exposure and improve online visibility.

1. Features

Mangools Features


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KWFinder is a keyword research tool that helps you find long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty. The tool comes with several other tools including:

  • Keyword difficulty tool that helps you find keywords you can easily rank for
  • Competitor keyword research tool that helps you see what your competitors are ranking for
  • Keywords with exact search volumes and historical data so you can identify seasonal keywords and hot topics to boost your site’s organic traffic
  • Local keyword research tool with keyword research and SERP analysis that helps you find location-specific long-tail keywords

Although there are several alternatives to KWFinder, the best part about Mangools’ keyword tool is that it offers more than 2.5 billion related keywords and more than 20 million competitor keywords over 52,000 supported locations, countries, districts, and cities.



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The SERPChecker tool is a search engine results page analysis tool that helps you identify your competitors’ weak spots. With the tool, you can check your competitors’ SEO authority, their strengths and weaknesses, and easily analyze SERPs for any city or country.

I find this tool particularly useful with multiple sites or a single site that I run for multiple locations. Plus, it’s possible to get localized SERPs simulation, whether for desktop or mobile.

See SERP for any location, track your rankings, find backlinks, gauge competitor website & more. Use Mangools to simplify your search engine optimization.

I don’t have to use a location-specific IP address because Mangools’ SERPChecker offers actual previews for over 50,000 locations, and a good mix of simple and advanced data to work with. It’s not too hard to figure out compared to other tools that have many advanced settings and data.

Another reason why I like the SERPChecker is that it lets me identify the impact of rich snippets on the Clickthrough rate (CTR).



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The SERPWatcher tool is a rank tracking tool that’s useful for setting up daily rankings in less than a minute.

What I like about this Mangools feature is that it shows you how your website is performing in SERP, and the organic traffic potential of your site.

You might not need the most complex tools on the market when you’re starting out, but you definitely need an affordable solution that delivers data in a format you can understand.

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Plus, the SERPWatcher shows you daily rank updates and historical data and the important rank changes via email notifications.

These email alerts are easy to share with clients or teammates and stay updated on the most important changes.

SERPWatcher also offers location and device-based results, which makes it easy to track rankings in any location and/or device.



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Backlinks are very important for any blog or site, which is why I like the LinkMiner tool from Mangools. This backlink checker tool has a large database that you can use to mine the most powerful backlinks of your competitors.

You can also evaluate the backlinks’ SEO power, see the link placement of anchor text in the preview, and save the best finds to a relevant list.



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If you’re keen on knowing the SEO authority of a URL or domain, Mangools’ SiteProfiler has the metrics and SEO insights you need.

You can check the trustworthiness or authority of any site using Majestic or Moz, and also see the popularity of a website using Alexa Rank and Facebook shares.

See SERP for any location, track your rankings, find backlinks, gauge your competitor’s website & more. Use Mangools to simplify your search engine optimization.

What I like about the SiteProfiler is that if you need new blogging ideas, it can point you in the right direction.

It can also show you link-building opportunities, and depending on your use case, you can benchmark your site against the competition or find new opportunities for your marketing activities.


Mangools SEO Extension

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With the SEO extension, I get to view all the important SEO metrics and overview of any URL or domain, see exact search volumes and keyword positions, get a list of the best backlinks and SERP presence, outbound links, structured data among other metrics.

The extension is smooth, hassle-free, and doesn’t display flashy banners. It’s enjoyable to use too.


Mangools SERP Volatility Checker

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The SERP Volatility checker tool in Mangools gives you an indicator of the size of the change of SERP positions based on Google algorithm updates on a daily basis. Some of the metrics available in this tool include keywords with unchanged positions and changes in top positions as they influence your website traffic.


SERP Simulator

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The Google SERP simulator tool allows you to see your site’s SERP snippet preview. To use it, simply key in your title tag and meta description and it will display the preview.

Semrush features

Semrush features are broken down into different categories including technical SEO, SEO keyword research, backlink analysis, local SEO, SERP tracking, and more.

Let’s go through each category and its set of tools to help you see how Semrush compares to Mangools.


Technical SEO

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Besides keyword research, it’s important to check your site’s health, get fresh rank boosting ideas, and analyze your site’s interactions with Google.

To help you with that, Semrush offers technical SEO tools like site audits, an on-page SEO checker, and a log file analyzer that displays how a Google crawler interacts with your site.


Keyword Research

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Keyword research is probably one of the daily tasks you may have to do especially as a newbie blogger or site owner. Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and several other tools make this task easier.

Even Semrush has a keyword research feature that is equally powerful. It gives an overview of keywords with their values and competition so you can find out how they fit your goals.

Like Mangools, the keyword research tool in Semrush also analyzes a complete list of organic keyword pages and rankings from the competition. Plus, you can discover the best-performing keywords for your niche and discover new ways to ace the SERPs.

Semrush has a keyword magic tool that offers a database with more than 20 billion keywords.

A keyword gap is available to help you compare your profile to the competition and a keyword manager that helps you analyze up to 1,000 keywords in one go.


Backlink Analysis

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When I need to take my backlink profile to another level, Semrush’s backlink analysis tool helps me audit my site and my backlinks while tracking my progress.

The backlink audit tool is especially useful when I need to monitor the quality of my backlink profile, and strengthen it.

Plus, I get to see the lost links and new links that the competition has and stay up to date on their link-building strategies.

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Another great backlink feature is the backlink gap, which shows me competing backlink profiles and gives me actionable insights on outreach and link building.

With the link building tool, I don’t have to manually carry out link building; it’s simply automated in such a way that I can acquire more backlinks, and expand my presence within my niche.


Local SEO

Unlike Mangools’ SERPWatcher, the Local SEO tool in Semrush makes it easier to distribute my business data to authoritative directories, track daily online performance, and monitor competitors’ domains, keywords, and device types while following search engine performance in local packs or on a ZIP code level.

Other local SEO tools include the on-page SEO checker to improve search rankings and social media toolkit that helps enhance social media performance, post and schedule updates on social pages including Google My Business.


SERP Tracking

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Rank tracking is another ongoing activity as I always want to know how my site is doing on the SERPs.

To track my SERPs, Semrush offers tools like position tracking to track my campaign progress, keywords, domains, and competitors, a sensor to track the volatility of Baidu or Google SERPs based on daily ranking changes and find out the domains with the most visibility in different global markets.


Content Marketing

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Content marketing is at the heart of any website, which is why I like Semrush as it incorporates tools that can help create and execute a powerful content strategy based on data and the needs of my audience.

These features include topic research that helps me find popular topics and headlines, SEO content template and writing assistant, marketing calendar to manage content strategies, and plan editorial calendars.

Plus, I can find the most relevant content distribution platforms, spot influencers in my niche, and evaluate potential reach.

With Post tracking, I can track backlink counts, social engagement, measure the performance of external publications or my competitors’ articles. I can also analyze my content assets to discover top articles and find out which ones need updating.


Content Creation and Distribution

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With the content marketing covered, I’m able to research topics and get hundreds of content ideas both from rivals and questions asked by the audience.

I can also get someone from the content marketplace to help me create unique content and optimize it on request, as well as schedule and share my content for more engagement with my readers.


Content Marketing Analytics

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Semrush also offers tools to help me analyze my content performance in a few clicks and identify and find out the assets you need to improve. With the content audit and post-tracking tools, you can discover new opportunities to adjust your strategy and drive better results.


Market Analysis

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Semrush goes further to give a complete overview and understanding of the market or niche I’m in.

I’m also able to include competitor analysis within the key steps of my marketing management process and apply tools like the market explorer to establish market positions, discover key players, market size, and potential.

Also included is the traffic analytics feature that helps me analyze customer demands, interests, geographical distribution, and more.


Competitor Analysis

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Besides market analysis, I can analyze and explore every aspect of my rivals’ online presence including their content, PR, SEO efforts, social media performance, and marketing strategies in one go.

It also does the job of tools like SimilarWeb which are often required to track competitors’ website traffic, referral sources, etc.


Paid Marketing Tools

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Like Mangools, I also get the keyword magic tool in Semrush to access the largest keyword database available, uncover lots of related phrases and terms, and more.

Semrush makes it easy to analyze competitors, and create compelling ad copy, saving me time and money by automating mundane and repetitive tasks. This eliminates the need of using dedicated spy tools like Adbeat, SpyFu, etc.

This is made possible using the paid marketing tools such as advertising research, display and PLA advertising, and an Ad builder.


Web Monetization

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Semrush also offers competitive intelligence that I can use to monetize my site traffic and make my efforts pay off. If you’re a blogger, affiliate manager, or AdSense publisher, this tool is ideal for you.

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Some of the features you can expect here include a CPC map to compare advertising costs on Google, display ad reports, an on-page SEO checker, and an SEO writing assistant.


Social Media Management

sr vs mg22

You can streamline your social media marketing with Semrush’s solutions such as publishing, monitoring, and ad management.

A social media poster is included to help you schedule posts on social pages, and social media ads tool for creation, launch, management, and optimization of ads on placements.



Projects give you smart recommendations to help you improve your visibility and track progress with time. Inside each project, you can get SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing activities among other tools related to your site.

Projects also have powerful algorithms that distinguish your site from rivals, various third-party data insights, and a sharing feature to collaborate with your team members, clients, or agency.

Given so many useful features, Semrush is definitely the tool to consider over other SEO tools like Moz.

2. Support


Mangools offers support to its users via live chat, email, a FAQ section, blog, and various guides that show step-by-step tutorials on how to use its different tools. You can also reach out via the online contact form or via their social media pages.


Semrush on the other hand offers support via email, phone, knowledge base, and the Semrush Academy that has several courses including SEO fundamentals, with certificates upon completion.

You can also get more support via the online content form, via their social media pages, blog, webinars, and events.

3. Pricing

Mangools Pricing

sr vs mg23

Mangools is fairly priced with the basic plan priced at only $29.90. For $39.90, the Premium plan isn’t too expensive either considering other Mangools alternatives like Ahrefs and Semrush are a tad bit pricier.

See SERP for any location, track your rankings, find backlinks, gauge your competitor’s website & more. Use Mangools to simplify your search engine optimization.

You can also use their 10-day free trial (no credit card required) to test run the tool and see if it’s worth considering for your blogging or digital marketing activities. Refer to their pricing page for more details on what you get with each plan.

Semrush Pricing

sr vs mg24

Semrush also offers three plans: Pro $99.95, Guru $199.95 per month, and Business $399.95 per month. It’s way pricier than Mangools, even though they both have some features in common.

However, Semrush has more advanced tools that you may not find in Mangools, and it’s not friendly for newbie bloggers.

Similarities & Differences

Keyword research✔️✔️
SEO extension✔️✔️
Backlink checker✔️✔️
SERP Checker✔️✔️
Unique featuresSERP volatility checker-Social media
-Management tools
-Projects Content
Affiliate program✔️✔️
Support-Live chat
-knowledge base
-help center
-Semrush Academy
Pricing-Mangools Basic: $29.90
-Mangools Premium: $39.90
-Mangools Agency: $79.90
-Semrush Pro: $99.95
-Semrush Guru: $199.95
-Semrush Business:$399.95
Money-back guarantee48 hours7 days

The Overall Winner: Semrush

For this comparison review, I recommend Semrush. Not only does it offer everything that Mangools does, but it’s an all-in-one tool that will provide you everything that you”ll need for your SEO.

For newbies or up-and-coming bloggers with a lean budget, Mangools is a great tool that offers an excellent user interface and quite accurate keyword data.

Semrush is great for professional bloggers looking for a premium tool with advanced features. It offers a solid return on your investment (though it’s pricier than Mangools) as it gives you detailed volume and accuracy of data.

You may not use all the features as you start out, but as your site grows, you’ll find that Semrush offers better value for money.

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