Most Popular Email Clients in February 2022

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Here’s a take a look at the preferred e mail purchasers in February 2022, and what shifts occurred with e mail shopper market share final month.

Top e mail purchasers

Before we dive in, there are some things we’d like to notice:

  1. As of fall 2021, the class “Apple” consists of Apple iPhone (iOS Mail), Apple Mail (macOS Mail), Apple iPad (iPadOS Mail), and Apple Mail Privacy Protection (Apple privacy-impacted opens). To study why, check out this blog post.
  2. Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) hides gadget information so we aren’t capable of differentiate between iOS, iPadOS, or macOS. Additionally, the brand new OSes don’t differentiate between MPP and non-MPP in the consumer agent information it passes.

Having mentioned, the highest 3 hottest e mail purchasers for February 2022 are Apple, Gmail, and Outlook.

  1. Apple: 59.8%
  2. Gmail: 27.4%
  3. Outlook: 4.3%
  4. Yahoo Mail: 3.4%
  5. Google Android: 1.7%
  6. 0.9%
  7. Samsung Mail: 0.3%
  8. Windows Live Mail: 0.1%
  9. 0.04%
  10. GMX: 0.04%

Apple takes the highest spot as the preferred e mail shopper, with a share of 59.8%. Since MPP’s launch in September, Apple has been slowly climbing for essentially the most half. Compared to last month, Apple’s share elevated from 57.2% to 59.8%, a progress of two.6%.

As Apple grew its share, Gmail and Outlook decreased their shares, now at 27.4% and 4.3%, respectively.

Let’s take a better take a look at every Apple subcategory:

  1. Apple Mail Privacy Protection: 49.9%
  2. Apple iPhone (iOS Mail): 5.8%
  3. Apple Mail (macOS Mail): 3.6%
  4. Apple iPad (iPadOS Mail): 0.5%

Apple Mail Privacy Protection’s share grew by 11.88%, from 44.6% in January to 49.9% in February. When we reported on this last month, the expansion was a lot smaller at 8.78%. We questioned whether or not this was an indication of MPP’s normalization—however with this month’s progress, it seems issues are but once more fluctuating.

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Want more information and traits? Check out our email client market share web site, which incorporates Apple’s MPP information, pre- and post-MPP launch.

Opens by surroundings

Though we’ve been capable of monitor MPP Litmus Email Analytics for the previous six months, we contemplate our metrics on Apple privacy-impacted opens to be early information, as MPP adoption continues to normalize.

chart showing opens by environment

  1. Apple Mail Privacy Protection: 49.4%
  2. Webmail: 33.4%
  3. Mobile: 8.2%
  4. Desktop: 7.9%
  5. Other: 1%

Historically, webmail was the preferred open surroundings however that modified in December 2021 when Apple Mail Privacy Protection took the number one spot. Apple Mail Privacy Protection continues to extend, from 44.2% final month to 49.4% in February, rising by 11.76%.

Most well-liked cellular opens

The prime 3 hottest cellular open environments proceed to be the identical: Apple iPhone (iOS Mail), Google Android, Apple iPad (iPadOS Mail).

chart showing most popular mobile opens

  1. Apple iPhone (iOS Mail): 69.9%
  2. Google Android: 20.3%
  3. Apple iPad (iPadOS Mail): 5.6%

Over the previous few months, Apple iPhone (iOS Mail) has been slowly reducing, now at 69.9%, whereas six months ago it was at 90.5%. This may very well be as a result of introduction of MPP, as the brand new OSes don’t differentiate between MPP and non-MPP in the consumer agent information it passes. However, even with this decline, Apple iPhone (iOS Mail) continues to carry regular as the preferred cellular e mail shopper.

In distinction, Google Android has been growing its share over the previous few months. In August 2021, its share was 4.9%; this month it’s at 20.3%. Apple iPad (iPadOS Mail) has additionally grown, however at a a lot smaller margin, from 3% to five.6% over the course of the previous six months.

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Most well-liked webmail opens

What had been the preferred webmail e mail purchasers? No shock right here: The prime webmail purchasers by open are nonetheless Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and

chart showing most popular webmail opens

  1. Gmail: 86.2%
  2. Yahoo Mail: 10.8%
  3. 2.7%

Similar to final month, Gmail’s share decreased—from 89% to 86.2%—nevertheless it nonetheless has a stronghold in prime place as the preferred webmail shopper.

Though small, Yahoo Mail elevated its market share, from 7.7% to 10.8%, up by over three share factors. decreased barely, from 3% to 2.7%.

Wondering why we categorize Gmail as webmail? Learn how Gmail opens are reported in Email Analytics.

Most well-liked desktop opens

As for desktop opens: The prime 3 are nonetheless Outlook, Apple Mail (macOS Mail), and Windows Live Mail.

chart showing most popular desktop opens

  1. Outlook: 53.9%
  2. Apple Mail (macOS Mail): 44.8%
  3. Windows Live Mail: 1.1%

Taking the highest spot is Outlook, with a share of 53.9%, up by 3.5% in comparison with final month. Outlook’s reign as the preferred desktop shopper is comparatively new, because it’s usually occupied by Apple Mail (macOS Mail)—one thing we identified last month. Again, this may very well be as a result of introduction of MPP.

Light Mode vs. Dark Mode opens

February marks the sixth month we’re capable of monitor Dark Mode utilization with Litmus Email Analytics.

Before we dive in, we’d like to notice that our Dark Mode information relies solely on the Apple Mail app for iOS 13, macOS 13, iOS 14, macOS 14, iPadOS 14, iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and Apple Mail privacy-impacted gadgets.

chart showing light vs dark mode usage

  1. Light Mode: 74.2%
  2. Dark Mode: 25.8%
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Not a lot has modified—Light Mode remains to be the preferred studying surroundings over Dark Mode. Light Mode’s share decreased by a hair, from 74.3% to 74.2%. Dark Mode elevated barely as nicely, from 25.7% to 25.8%.

Your flip: Take a take a look at your viewers

Email shopper market share is a robust software to have in your arsenal, however the true energy lies inside your viewers. We suggest utilizing e mail shopper market share as a reference level for insights on the business as a complete, however the important thing to unlocking your potential lies inside your subscriber base.

Stay tuned subsequent month: We’ll be again subsequent month to share what shifts occurred.

Where did we get all this information? Our e mail shopper market share stats are pulled from over a billion e mail opens, anonymously collected and aggregated with Litmus Email Analytics from February 1-28, 2022. It highlights world traits throughout all industries and verticals. Some e mail purchasers could also be over- or under-represented, notably with cellular and webmail. This is because of picture blocking or picture caching, most notably with Gmail. Still curious? Learn how we get this data.


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