Marketing IRL: Christina Pashialis On How To Prevent Burnout

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Louise: Do you ever have these days the place you possibly can’t fairly make it out of your pajamas? Or those the place you mark your whole inbox as read? Even those the place you end up Googling “How do you DO marketing?” I’m Louise, Content Manager at BuzzSumo – the world’s greatest content material advertising and marketing instrument – and that is Marketing IRL, the place we peel away the shiny veneer, and chat in regards to the realities of working in advertising and marketing. This podcast is an extension of a undertaking we began just lately at BuzzSumo referred to as The Wellbeing Hub. It’s a spot so that you can go for recommendation, actual life expertise, and classes discovered by entrepreneurs all through their profession. Check it out at

So right this moment we’re speaking about the best way to set boundaries whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed and I’m tremendous excited to be joined by Christina Pashialis.

Christina is the founding father of ContentUK, a neighborhood of UK based mostly content material professionals, supporting one another with advertising and marketing recommendation, Q and A’s webinars, and workshops, amongst many different cool issues. I, for one I’m right here for it. In reality, I met Christina in individual this 12 months at Brighton search engine optimisation, the place she organized an superior ContentUK meet up. Christina has labored in content material advertising and marketing herself for eight years throughout corporations like Soldo, Grizzle, and Geckoboard. You may also know her from the BuzzSumo Wellbeing Hub, the place she’s written an superior piece on utilizing communities to supercharge your content material profession.

Louise: Hi Christina!

Christina: Hey Louise!

Louise: Welcome to the podcast, how are you?

Christina: I’m good. You’ve obtained a really skilled wanting mic there. Like a correct podcaster.

Louise: Oh yeah. I do know. I’m an actual streamer now. Yeah. I went out and obtained this. I believed, you understand, all of the gear, no concept, however I’ll go together with it.

So welcome to the podcast. Just to let you understand, I’ve needed to transfer rooms this morning as a result of I’m at residence, working from residence, and right this moment was clearly an ideal day for them to scrub the tennis courts reverse my flat, which is so unbelievably loud!

So now I’m in my housemates room in the back of the flat. So fingers crossed there will not be any roaring within the background.

Christina: Well, my grandparents have simply come over from Cyprus they usually’re downstairs to go to and I’ve needed to be like “Hi, but just be quiet for an hour, sorry!”

Louise: Yeah. Me too with my housemate as properly. Just please do not put the washer on! Well, how is it going? How are you?

Christina: Yeah, I’m superb. Thank you.

Louise: So Christina, are you able to inform us a bit more about your personal expertise? And what made you need to speak about this matter right this moment?

Christina: Yeah. So I labored in content material for practically eight years and actually early in my profession, I’ve at all times skilled bouts and cycles of feeling burnt out and, talking with numerous different content material entrepreneurs, it appears fairly widespread. So I simply wished to speak about a number of the issues that I, I’m not an knowledgeable, however simply a number of the issues that I discovered helpful for serving to me handle with overwhelm, and hopefully that may assist some others who’re experiencing it as properly.

Louise: Yeah, positively. Do you assume you had a breakthrough sort of realization, or was it one thing you progressively got here to grasp about the way you felt and the way you handled issues?

Christina: I’ve in all probability at all times skilled burnout, and been fairly a perfectionist, and at all times sacrificed my very own wellbeing in an effort to be certain that I appeared environment friendly at work, and meet deadlines and stuff.

But in all probability the most important expertise of feeling actually burnt out was throughout the pandemic interval, after I was working as a full-time content material supervisor in-house, which is irritating in and of itself. And then I wished to arrange my ContentUK enterprise. So I began working earlier than work on my enterprise, full-time job, after work, weekends, as a result of I used to be simply so decided to launch this. And I used to be simply operating off adrenaline actually. And then it simply actually hit in a single huge bulk, the place I simply felt like I might barely function. I could not sleep. I used to be simply continuously on this anxious state, and that is after I was like. Oh. I’m overwhelmed. This is not good. Let’s analysis as to what I can do to make this a bit higher, and have higher habits as a result of it isn’t sustainable. So that is in all probability after I first began correctly wanting into totally different strategies to assist with that.

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Louise: Yeah, so it was sort of an lively analysis course of?

Christina: It was yeah. An lively analysis course of. I in all probability might have handled having higher techniques over time earlier than, however I hadn’t correctly dived into it.

Louise: It’s exhausting although as a result of, like I’m positive everybody, I additionally really feel overwhelmed each on occasion, and typically you do not even understand when it is occurring. You simply sort of understand in relation to a head and you are like “Oh. What happened there?”

Christina: Yeah, it may be very gradual and there are in all probability indicators early on that you just really feel a little bit of anxiousness in your chest, and also you simply ignore it and ignore it. But then it actually builds up.

So by way of within the second, in case you’re feeling in that section of, you are going via your, to do checklist. Everything appears necessary. You really feel actually harassed. You do not know what to do. Just shut your laptop computer. Even if it is for 10 minutes. Put your telephone away and, in case you can, do a 20 minute stroll. I believe that is helped so much. If it is stretching or going for a stroll. If you do not have that huge stretch of time, even only for a couple of minutes, taking 10 deep breaths, 10 lively breaths and doing gratitude. That actually helps. Or getting a chunk of paper – I take advantage of Evernote on-line – and simply journaling to your self, every thing that is in your head, simply actually get all of it out onto a chunk of paper. And then assume “What’s one thing I can do in the next 10 minutes?” And break it down.

Louise: Yeah. I have not finished that earlier than, however I believe I’ll be taking that recommendation myself.

Christina: It does assist. So that is more like within the second of overwhelm, after which by way of higher routines that you are able to do, the most important one for me goes onto aircraft mode, and simply turning off social media from 8:00 PM to 11:00 AM. But that is in all probability the only greatest factor that makes a distinction to me personally.

Louise: Yeah, I’m so not good at that. I’m the doom scroller of 2021. It is certainly a great piece of recommendation. I simply have to make myself act upon it.

Christina: Yeah . There’s such a distinction from the phases when I’ve that routine and circulate, and when it isn’t occurring. Then it is like, oh no, it is 1:00 AM, and I’m nonetheless on right here. And I really feel garbage. I’m wondering why.

Louise: Yeah, positively. So, what do you assume has been the very best factor to your wellbeing and stopping that feeling of being overwhelmed or burnt out?

Christina: It’s been studying to say no to prioritize my wellbeing, to stop overwhelm in its tracks. Because earlier than, if I’d completed work at 8:00 PM, and I had a deadline on that Friday, I’d work till midnight burning myself out in an effort to get it in on the day I mentioned, to be like “Ok. I’m efficient. I can’t possibly be seen as anything other than efficient.” But now, this 12 months, for instance, I had a giant undertaking that I used to be going to tackle, however that week I’d taken on different shopper work, and I used to be operating my enterprise and I might inform, because it was main up this huge undertaking, that I used to be feeling it was going to be very irritating.

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So I simply had a dialog with the shopper being like, actually sorry, however for these causes, I’m going to have to say no doing this undertaking. And he was very, very understanding and it simply felt like a giant reduction to take away that off of my plate. And I used to be ready the place I might take that pay reduce, whereas earlier than I’d have simply gone forward with it, as a result of I’d have thought, oh my God, that is so unprofessional to cancel the contract. And even a small factor like this podcast, I requested to maneuver it by week as a result of I used to be having a busy week, whereas earlier than I’d’ve wished to stay to all of the deadlines completely. So that is been a change.

Louise: Which was completely fantastic by the way in which, so don’t fear about it!

Christina: It’s such a small factor, however in case you’re in an overwhelmed, perfectionist state, it feels actually exhausting to only ask for an extension or take one thing off your plate.

Louise: Yeah. I believe it is simple to take numerous issues on your self and sort of not query it, however see it as a failing in your self when you possibly can’t truly reside as much as that. But whenever you take a step again and give it some thought, you understand that really nobody can do the entire issues that you just’re making an attempt to do. And if there’s so many transferring components, then perhaps you do want to only simplify and prioritize. And, I imply, I’m cranking out all of the cliches now, however you possibly can’t be every thing to everybody, so that you sort of have to only handle expectations. But I’m so responsible of that as properly. Trying to do every thing on an ever-growing to do checklist.

Christina: It’s quite common for entrepreneurs, positively. And one other great way of framing it as properly is, if anyone says to you “Oh, do you mind if I put this back by week?” You’re like “Yeah. That’s totally okay, and fine.” But when it is speaking to your self, it feels more durable to see it in that mild.

Louise: I believe saying no, and accepting that saying no is not a problem is certainly necessary whenever you’re feeling like that.

Christina: Yeah, and when you’re feeling overwhelmed, enable your self to talk to anyone about it. That could make a very huge distinction. Whether that is a good friend, or colleague, or anybody. When I used to be early on in my profession, and feeling very harassed, I spoke to my boss on the time about feeling like I could not do the issues on my to-do checklist, and he was very nice. Took me for a espresso. And for 2 hours, he sat with me. Literally simply went via every thing on my to do checklist. And was like “Oh, it’s okay. I’ll take that off your plate. We can eliminate that.” And it was very nice. Obviously not everybody’s going to have a boss that is as understanding. So I used to be fairly fortunate. But I believe that is additionally some extent by way of what managers can do to assist entrepreneurs who is likely to be feeling overwhelmed. Because I believe simply saying “Oh, let me know if you’re feeling stressed at any point. If you’ve got too much, just let me know.”

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That’s typically not sufficient, as a result of folks need to appear actually good at their jobs. So I believe managers can do so much more by way of placing in issues like month-to-month or fortnightly conferences with their workers. Not to be speaking in regards to the techniques of labor, however simply how they’re feeling and their workload. That can actually assist workers not be overwhelmed.

Louise: I completely agree with that. It made me consider one thing I’ve sort of obtained into the behavior of doing when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’ve gotten a bit higher at tricking myself into doing issues. So I sort of have a “Screw it” mentality. I’m like “Screw it. I’m going to do the bare minimum on this blog today. I’m going to write one paragraph and that’s it. I’m not doing any more.” I’ve an inside monologue. And then as quickly as I get into it, clearly I find yourself writing more than a paragraph and typically I even… I even completed the article! Can you consider it?!

Christina: That’s such a great mantra “Oh screw it! I’m just going to do a paragraph.” simply to get you going. I at all times have a sticky be aware. Oh you possibly can’t see it. It’s on the digital camera. But I simply have this in entrance of me, which says “Done over perfect.” I’ve simply at all times obtained to inform myself that.

Louise: That is so true! I typically need to have a phrase with myself and go “Look. You just need to stop catastrophizing about this thing and just get it done.” Because, I believe whenever you’re engaged on one thing day in, time out, you’re taking it very severely. But it isn’t the top of the world if an e mail does not exit. So you need to typically be a bit strict with your self and assume “Stop, panicking! Just do it.”

Christina: Little mantras assist!

Louise: Actually, my previous supervisor in my final firm used to work for a well known British shoe retailer, and her boss used to say “We’re only selling shoes. We’re not saving lives.”, which I at all times take into consideration now.

Christina: Yeah, precisely! And simply zooming out. Because it could appear so necessary, such as you say, whenever you’re within the advertising and marketing world and all of those deadlines. But in the entire scheme of issues, it isn’t.

Louise: Yeah, positively. So, in case you had one piece of recommendation to offer anyone who was feeling overwhelmed in the intervening time and placing numerous strain on themselves to ship on X, Y, and Z. What would you say to them?

Christina: Oh, I’d in all probability say to them: Remember, you are not alone in feeling this manner. You’re actually not alone. It’s actually, actually widespread. And simply, do not beat your self up about feeling that method. And discuss to anyone that you just belief about how you feel. I believe that in case you’re in that state, that is a very good factor that you are able to do. And go and stroll for an hour first!

Louise: Definitely. Yeah. Get away! Just get away.

Christina, thanks a lot for becoming a member of Marketing IRL. If we need to discover you on-line, the place can we go to search for you?

Christina: Thank you a lot for having me. It’s been actually enjoyable! To discover me on-line, I’m @Christina_P on Twitter, or, or discover out more about ContentUK at

Louise: Thanks all people for listening to Marketing IRL, dropped at you by BuzzSumo. You can share your personal experiences with us on Twitter. Just tweet @BuzzSumo, and you’ll find us on our web site Bye!

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