Jungle Scout vs Sellics (2022) — Features & Pricing Comparison


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Overview: Jungle Scout vs. Sellics

Amazon leads the multi-billion-dollar eCommerce industry.

The retail giant dominates in the US with a market share of 49 percent and a market value of $993 billion.

Amazon is a choice platform for sellers and customers.

Over 60 percent of buyers start their search on Amazon, and there are over six million sellers.

The affiliate program allows sellers and marketers to reach more customers and increase revenue.

There are more than 12 million products on Amazon, and selecting the best product to sell can be a dilemma for sellers.

Whether you are an active or intending Amazon seller, you will need Amazon seller tools to research and analyze the marketplace and to find the right product to sell.

We will review and compare two incredible tools that will help you manage and grow your manage business.

Jungle Scout

jungle scout home

We begin with Jungle Scout in our Sellics vs Jungle Scout comparison.

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research and management tool designed to enable Amazon entrepreneurs to build and grow profitable Amazon businesses.

It is one of the best product research tools with custom-built solutions for Amazon sellers, developers, designers, and marketing professionals.

Greg Mercer created Jungle Scout in 2015 to help sellers find amazing products to sell on Amazon.

Today, Jungle Scout has supported over 200,000 products, tracked over 175 billion products, and has over 225,000 customers globally.

Jungle Scout has enjoyed a lot of media attention with the likes of Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Inc., Yahoo Finance, and The Wall Street Journal.

From product research, to launch, to product list optimization, Jungle Scout provides a comprehensive suite of Amazon seller tools.

1. Getting Started With Jungle Scout

js vs kp14

Jungle Scout is a cloud-based application.

Therefore, you can access its unique features via any web or mobile browser. You don’t have to download any software to install on your device. The software is licensed.

Therefore you will need to subscribe to use the service.

With the Jungle Scout web-based research software, you can search and filter precise data on product listings that match your criteria.

The Jungle Scout Extension pulls data from the product listings that appear on the Amazon search result page.

This extension allows you to get accurate sales estimates.

Using this tool, you can build and scale your Amazon business based on strategies driven by real-time data.

js vs sellics1

You can purchase and use both tools individually, but you can achieve so much more when you use them together.

Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial. Getting started will require choosing a monthly or annual subscription plan that will meet your needs.

However, they provide a 14-day risk-free, money-back guarantee.

If you use the software and decide the product does not meet your needs within 14 days, you can email or speak to the Jungle Scout team, and you will get a refund with no questions asked.

Jungle Scout has amazing product research and exploration features to help you discover profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Let us take a look at these great features –

Jungle Scout Product Database

js vs sellics2

This feature allows you to discover and organize all the product categories that match your search criteria.

Jungle Scout has a robust database of over 70 million products obtained from the Amazon catalog.

You can find the right product with high potential and generate excellent product ideas by using filters.

js vs sellics3

You can create custom filters and filter products based on categories, sales ranks, profit margins, estimated sales, and revenue.

With this feature, sellers can find winning products based on supply and demand, track sales prospects, and optimize listings on Amazon by using keyword trends.

Using the FBA profit calculation tool, you can evaluate Amazon’s product-related fees and overhead costs.

Furthermore, you can factor these calculations into your research to help you make decisions on the right product to invest in.

This feature enables you to manage your products effectively.

js vs sellics4

You can add products in groups, export products, and search results to your spreadsheet.

Furthermore, you can search Amazon’s global marketplaces for products and product rankings.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

js vs sellics5

This feature allows sellers to track Amazon products accurately.

With accurate and updated data, you can quickly assess, manage, and draw comparisons on different product ideas to pick the best products.

With Jungle Scout, you can track products with massive profit potential.

Additionally, the feature allows you to monitor parameters such as sales, product price, product ranking, daily inventory, sellers ranking, and product performance periodically.

With data analytics and insights from the tracker, you can confidently make informed business decisions

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You can discover the next goldmine, and track products based on seasonality.

Additionally, you can use analysis from sales frequency, pricing, and profit margins to improving sourcing and sales strategy.

js vs sellics6

With Jungle Scout, you can easily add products to the tracker from both the Product Database and Extension tools.

Plus, from your Product Tracker, you can create lists by similar product grouping.

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder

js vs sellics7

This feature helps you discover lucrative product niches.

It also enables you to find out the latest trends and niche using keywords that are in high demand and less competitive.

Whether you want to start selling your first product on Amazon or you are an existing Amazon seller trying to grow your business, this tool is best for you.

You can research emerging trends to help build your business around unique and profitable products.

js vs sellics8

Using data analytics and historical data, you can evaluate product performance for a period.

Furthermore, you can examine trends of a product on Amazon over time.

You can review the niche’s search volume, average price, and units sold daily.

With Jungle Scout, you can calculate a niche score.

The niche score is based on a special algorithm that ranks product opportunities on a scale of one to ten.

This ranking is based on

  1. The quality of listing in the niche
  2. Product demand and supply
  3. Competition

A ranking of one indicates the lowest opportunity for new sellers and ten indicates the most excellent opportunity for new sellers.

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

js vs sellics9

Using the comprehensive supplier database, you can find reliable and verified suppliers to source your products globally.

You can verify suppliers by viewing their transaction or customer volume and confirmed shipments.

You can use the Supplier Tracker to save suppliers list, compare sales quotations and invoices, manage samples and purchase orders, and access contact information.

js vs sellics10

After you have confirmed order and transaction details, you can create purchase orders and keep records of your financial transactions using Supplier Tracker.

Using the Match Score, you can find suppliers of any product on Amazon.

You can filter your search by brands, company, or supplier name.

You can use the Amazon Standard Identification Number to search and identify exact suppliers for products that look similar.

Jungle Scout Keywords Research Tool

The comprehensive Amazon keyword research tools will help you scout for high conversion and top-ranked keywords that will make your products visible on Amazon.

You can extract data on top-performing keywords, keyword search volume, and recommended PPC bids and costs.

Using this tool, you can get real-time data on exact or broad keywords with high search volume on Amazon.

Moreover, you can search for products in Amazon’s Global Marketplace using different languages.

You can target your efforts towards specific markets as you will readily find custom data for regional markets such as the EU and the US.

js vs sellics11

Keyword Scout provides analytics and historical data on keywords that have performed best for a period.

It also provides data about monthly, quarterly, and annual trends, product popularity, and seasonality.

With this data, you can gather data such as search volume trends, PPC costs, and more, and it can help you modify PPC campaigns and improve listings.

Moreover, you can use this tool to gather competitive intelligence and use those insights to boost sales and revenue.

You can use this tool to improve your Amazon search ranking and product listing to gain more visibility

Keyword Scout shows you the cost-per-click for each generated keyword different search ads.

You can use this tool to search for competitive keywords and improve your campaigns.

Jungle Scout Product Launch Feature

js vs sellics12

This feature provides tools to help you launch and promote your Amazon business.

With the promotion feature suitable for product launches, you can increase sales with access to a vast marketplace of buyers.

So, you can drive engagement and encourage customer reviews by communicating with customers using personalized emails.

You can also trigger emails to customers at different points in the customer buying process, including product searches, shipping updates, order confirmations, or delivery notices.

Jungle Scout Sales Analytics

js vs sellics13

This tool provides accurate real-time and historical data on units sold, revenue, profits, margins, and return on investment.

You can also draw comparisons on sales at different periods.

js vs sellics14

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

js vs sellics15

Jungle Scouts helps you save costs on storage fees.

The inventory manager gives you information on stock level, best order, and stock period to avoid stockouts and increase sales.

js vs sellics16

The inventory manager forecast demands and provides data on inventory-related metrics, including sales, profits, daily, monthly, and quarterly sales, and average profit per unit sold.

Jungle Scout Product Alerts

js vs sellics17

The Jungle Scout Alerts provide real-time data and information on product changes on Amazon so that you can make critical and timely business decisions.

You can track product changes and receive notifications when there are changes to parameters such as product titles, rankings, ratings, prices, images, and more.

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You can monitor changes in product review and product performance.

With this tool, you can improve your reaction time to listing problems such as negative reviews, listing availability, or low stock.

js vs sellics18

Plus, you can respond to reviews, restock, and reorder inventory.

2. Jungle Scout Pros & Cons


  • Software is intuitive and easy to use
  • A comprehensive database of Amazon products
  • Extensive product ideas from Niche Hunter
  • Excellent customer support
  • Estimates and projections are accurate
  • A comprehensive guide and knowledge base for users


  • No free trial, therefore, the upfront commitment is expensive
  • The extension plan has limited features

3. Jungle Scout Pricing

Jungle Scout pricing is in three categories.

jungle scout pricing

The Basic plan starts at $49 a month giving you access to product research essentials.

The Suite plan is for $69 a month allowing you to add more users and giving access to historical product and keyword trends.

The Professional plan comes at $129 per month offering detailed data trends and more accounts. Best for veteran sellers.

Chrome extension is now a default feature in all plans.

Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial. You can use the software with a 14-day risk-free, money-back guarantee.

You can subscribe to Jungle Scout annual payment option to save up to 55%.


sellics home

We will now do a quick Sellics review.

Sellics is also a powerful Amazon research tool that can help sellers and vendors achieve success on Amazon.

With this tool, you can manage and optimize PPC campaigns, increase traffic, and track revenue and profits.

Sellics has products tailored to suit agencies with customers selling on Amazon, and for businesses and vendors selling on Amazon.

The software has use cases in marketing, sales, and eCommerce and is suitable for professionals, teams, and sales and key account managers.

Sellics was created in 2014 to help brands solve complex challenges and fully harness the significant opportunities that exist in the Amazon marketplace.

The company has its headquarters in Berlin and New York.

js vs sellics19

Reputable brands that trust Sellics include Bosch, Rise Interactive, Sage Tree, Roland, Brita, Victorinox, Medion, ABG, Erima, Mammut Swiss 1862.

Sellics customers have achieved a 42 percent increase in revenue and a 63 percent increase in ROI for Amazon PPC campaigns.

1. Getting Started With Sellics

js vs sellics20

Sellics is also a web-based application; therefore, you don’t have to download and install it on your device.

The software is licensed on a subscription basis.

If you want to try the software, Sellics offers a 14-day trial period with automatic cancelation at the end of the trial. During the trial period, you can access the full features of the software.

You can subscribe to the paid plans for the sellers, vendors, or agency edition of the software.

To get started, after registration, you will be required to connect your Sellics software to your Amazon Seller Central account, which is accessible via Amazon’s API.

To successfully integrate the MWS API, you must have the admin rights to enable the integration and a professional seller account on Amazon

You will be able to automatically monitor all your products and reviews, track your sales and profits instantly, and monitor keyword rankings for your products.

Sellics Product Research

js vs sellics21

You can find profitable products on Sellics using the Amazon product research tool.

The Sellics product database provides access to the top ten thousand Amazon best-selling products for each category.

js vs sellics22

Using the product detector, you can find winning product ideas using filters such as product ranking, estimated sales, sales rank, weight, number of customer reviews, sellers ranking, and more.

js vs sellics23

The Niche Analyzer will provide an in-depth analysis of sales and competition within a niche.

Plus, it will help you track sales volume and provide the ranking of specific keywords.

Sellics Profit Measurement

js vs sellics24

The profits dashboard provides valuable insights and real-time data on expenses, revenue, and profits.

This tool automatically calculates and deducts costs including tax, Amazon fees, promotions, PPC spend, and item.

js vs sellics25

Additionally, you will receive updates of activities to help you track sales and accurate business decisions.

Sellics Reviews

js vs sellics26

Sellics can help Amazon sellers manage their reviews.

You don’t need to check for a review on every product manually.

js vs sellics27

You will get notifications when there is a new review of your product.

Furthermore, this automated review tool allows you to filter positive and negative reviews and take action where necessary.

Sellics Inventory Management

js vs sellics28

You can effectively forecast and control your inventory using this feature.

js vs sellics29

When your stock is low and near the reorder level, you will receive notifications.

You can specify the lead time for your products, and this tool will calculate the best reorder date based on sales frequency.

js vs sellics30

Sellics Competitor Monitoring

js vs sellics31

Using this tool, you can maintain a competitive advantage.

You can monitor competitor data such as products, prices, revenue, sales volumes, and keyword rankings.

You will also get notifications so that you can take action when other sellers try to hijack any of your products and steal your revenue.

js vs sellics32

With the insights gathered from this tool, you can make valuable business decisions that will help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Amazon PPC Manager

js vs sellics33

This feature allows you to manage and optimize your Amazon PPC campaigns.

This tool automates your keyword research, migration, and bidding and boosts your Amazon advertising revenue.

This solution increases your ad efficiency and will help you achieve a higher return on ad spend and investment.

js vs sellics34

You can analyze the performance of different Amazon ads to determine which one has a higher conversion and thus requires more investment.

Additionally, you can track your ad performance and sponsored product campaigns, historical data, and changes made over time.

js vs sellics35

Based on historical data, you can make smarter business decisions.

You can adjust keyword bids, add or remove keywords, or optimize keywords to boost ad performance.

Amazon SEO

js vs sellics36

Using powerful keywords can help increase your Amazon sales.

This tool will help you discover the keywords that will drive traffic and boost your visibility.

This feature will also help optimize your product listings to improve your keyword rankings and increase conversion.

With this tool, you can also benchmark your listing with that of your competitors and monitor successful merchants to learn strategies to improve your ranking.

Besides, you can perform split testing to see how your optimization efforts impact your ranking.

2. Sellics Pros & Cons


  • Flexible pricing options based on sales volumes
  • Access to multiple Amazon marketplaces
  • Access to data on products session and conversion rates
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Excellent customer service


  • Limited historical data
  • You must connect Seller Central accounts to access features.
  • You cannot export reports
  • Inability to connect one Sellics account to multiple Seller Central accounts
  • Cannot create multiple user profiles

3. Sellics Pricing

js vs sellics37

Sellics offers a 14-day trial period.

Sellics pricing plans are scalable, and users pay according to business volume (annual sales).

Users have access to all Amazon markets, unlimited products, free mobile app, and all seven features.

1. For annual sales of $0

The monthly plan starts at $57 per month.

2. For sellers with annual sales between $1000 to $60,000

  • The monthly plan starts at $67 per month.
  • The biannual plan starts at $57 per month, and you will save $120 per year if you make bi-annual payments.
  • The annual plan starts at $47 per month, and you will save $240 per year if you make yearly payments.

3. For sellers with annual sales between $60,000 to $240,000

  • The monthly plan starts at $97 per month.
  • The biannual plan starts at $87 per month; you will save $120 per year if you make bi-annual payments.
  • The annual plan starts at $77 per month; you will save $240 per year if you make yearly payments.

4. For users with yearly sales between $240,000 to $600,000

  • The monthly plan starts at $157 per month.
  • The biannual plan starts at $137 per month, and users will save $240 per year if you make bi-annual payments.
  • The annual plan starts at $117 per month; you will save $480 per year if you make yearly payments.

5. For user with annual sales between  $600,000 to $1.2 million

  • The monthly plan starts at $217 per month
  • The biannual plan starts at $187 per month; you will save $360 per year if you make bi-annual payments.
  • The annual plan starts at $157 per month, and you will save $720 per year if you make yearly payments.

6. For users with annual sales above $1.2 million

  • The monthly plan starts at $317 per month
  • The biannual plan starts at $287 per month, and sellers will save $360 per year if they make yearly payments.
  • The annual plan starts at $257 per month, and sellers will save $720 per year if they make yearly payments.


Jungle Scout and Sellics are two great Amazon sellers with both similar and standout features.

We have discussed the unique features, pros, cons, and pricing of both solutions.

From our in-depth review, you should be able to choose the best tool to grow your Amazon business.

Jungle Scout is a more feature-rich tool with a simple user interface, accurate data analytics, and a comprehensive Amazon product database.

Sellics provides an integrated Amazon tool for sellers, vendors, and agencies with scalable pricing plans.

Jungle Scout vs. Sellics: Our Pick

For users looking for a solution with scalable and volume-based pricing and access to multiple Amazon marketplaces, Sellics is a great option.

But If you are looking for a simple, intuitive tool with robust features, Jungle Scout is the best solution.

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