Jungle Scout Review (2022) — An In-Depth Look to This Tool


Jungle Scout — Overview

Before we jump into the Jungle Scout review, I wanted to share some background information. Jungle Scout is an online tool and Google Chrome extension created by Greg Mercer in 2015 to help make Amazon sellers become more successful in less time. Prior to the launch of Jungle Scout, doing product research for Amazon products was tedious and time-consuming. Amazon sellers would spend countless hours creating spreadsheets to categorize products that might potentially sell well with unknown variables, Jungle Scout (JS) has now simplified this process and made it easy, simple and even fun to find profitable products to sell.

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I created this review with the intention of helping others earn passive income. Amazon has changed my life, it can easily change yours. What would an extra $100, $250, $500 mean to you? I truly believe you can be earning an extra $100 a day within 30-45 days if you start the FBA process today.

I have reached out to my good friend, Jazz, to get his input since he is an experienced Amazon seller also. Combined, we have sales of over $70,000 in just 12 months. I started selling on Amazon in September of 2017 and Jazz started in May of 2018. Note, I stopped focusing on Amazon selling at the start of 2018 to pursue other ventures, but you can see I am still earning passive income from it for doing no work.

Amazon seller dash board with blue up and down graph showing $36,688 in sales from using Jungle Scout

There is no free trial for Jungle Scout, however, if you cancel within 14 days then you get a full refund. Give it a try, you will have no regrets! Jungle Scout offers a suite of products from free resources to paid products. I will be touching on the helpful free resources and expanding upon the paid Jungle Scout features such as the Chrome Extension, Product Database, and more. 
Jungle Scout Discount Pricing

1. Difference Between The Different Jungle Scout Tools

Hands down the Jungle Scout Chrome extension will make you a successful Amazon seller and is the best sales estimator on the market, in my opinion.

  • What Is The Chrome Extension?

The Chrome Extension enables you, an Amazon seller, to see critical product details for a product niche at a glance. When the extension gets ran, it quickly generates a list of the top 16 listings for the product niche you are searching in while showing “Average Daily Sales”, “Average Sales Rank”, “Average Selling Price”, “Average Reviews”, and “Opportunity Score” (in the Pro version). With these four calculations, you can, within seconds, determine if a niche is worth entering. These numbers offer you a good idea of competitiveness and demand and will help you determine if more research should be done, or if a different product should be found. The Chrome Extension will save you hours of work per product, which will increase your profitability and productivity. 

Features Include:

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Industry-Leading Accuracy
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking
  • Ongoing Support & Updates
  • Web App Advanced Integration
  • Sales Item Profit Calculator
  • Dimension & Weight of Items
  • FBA Fee Estimator
  • Opportunity Score
  • Historical Price, Rank & Sales Data

The Chrome Extension used to be sold separately, it’s now included with every Jungle Scout subscription option!

Here is an example of the Chrome Extension in use for examining “yoga foam rollers.” (Note, this is just an example and too saturated to enter.) We can see that the top sellers are selling thousands of foam rollers per month, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars. By quickly looking at average price and average reviews, I determined it would not be lucrative to compete on this product. Although the number of sales is great, the competition is way too high, it would be a constant uphill battle trying to outrank the current listings.

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screenshot showing the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension in use for the term yoga rollers.

*Tip, hover over a result to view the listing or to remove it from the list.

Jungle Scout VS Competitors Graph

Free Resources to Help With Your Overall Success: 

This calculator is provided by Amazon and helps a seller determine their costs and revenue prior to listing. Use this calculator to determine your profit margin before ever ordering your product. I shoot for about a 40% profit margin.

Enter a products “sales rank” and Jungle Scout will show you the estimated units sold per month of the product.

Let Jungle Scout analyze your Amazon listing, as a well-made listing will often determine your success. Be sure to have a very complete listing with high-quality photos and text. Include all dimensions also. Your listing should convince someone to buy your product.

Follow Greg’s journey as he launched a product with the goal of earning $1,000,000 in revenue. He has left no detail out when it comes to how, what, or why. Learn everything from sourcing to product listing throughout Greg’s case study. (This inspired me when I started)

If you are new to selling on Amazon, this guide is for you. I would recommend reading the entire guide and taking notes, by the end of the guide you will be armed with enough info to start your own selling journey.

Need product ideas? Check out this comprehensive list. I would use this list for inspiration and use Jungle Scout to find lucrative, untapped, sub-niches within these niches.

The Jungle Scout Web App helps find lucrative niches and produces by searching a massive Jungle Scout database of Amazon listings. The Web App gives you the ability to narrow your search by category, price, rank, sales, revenue, etc, giving you total control in finding a product that meets your particular criteria. 

With the web app, you can get very granular with your search by adjusting the settings. I suggest playing with these settings to eliminate generic products while focusing on potential lucrative sub niches.

Screenshot showing the Jungle Scout web app user interface.

The search results appear like:

Example of what products appear like in the Jungle Scout Web App.

The Web App, along with the other Jungle Scout features, is offered at three different price points, I personally use the “Suite” version and it has been totally sufficient.

I never needed to use the niche hunter feature as I adjusted my Web App search metrics to meet my needs. Often times you will find a product that makes the niche look appealing to enter, but for some reason, this product is an outlier giving a false representation of the niche. Niche hunter removes such anomalies, giving a better “picture” of the entire niche. Please leave a comment below regarding your thoughts if you use the Niche Hunter. 

Here are some standout features that the Suite version of Jungle Scout comes with:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Monitor Your Competitors
  • Historical Sales and Rank Data
  • International Marketplaces
  • Time Saving Filters
  • Keyword Scout
  • Niche Hunter
  • Ample Advanced Seller Features
  • And Ability To Add Multiple Users

Jungle Scout Discount

Going back to the foam roller example, if you wanted to see additional metrics about a foamer roller that you were considering selling, you could enter the product into the product tracker to reveal your competitor’s sales, inventory level, price point, and demand.

Details of a specific yoga roller that are shown in the web app.

Jazz took a different approach and did not use the Web App, he strictly uses the Chrome Extension to find his products. He starts with a seed keyword in Amazon and continues to view similar products until he has isolated a niche, more on this later. 

2. Recent Additions to The Web App

As the needs of Amazon sellers change and grow over time, Jungle Scout has been making sure they stay up to speed providing the correct tools that nurture selling success. Several additions to the Web App that need to be pointed out include:

Supplier Database

The Supplier Database is the first of its kind and helps Amazon sellers find global suppliers that top brands are actually using. Finding a quality supplier is half the battle with e-commerce selling, so by finding the suppliers that seasoned brands are using, you can contact these same suppliers for your own needs. Additionally, this feature can be used to find the supplier of your competitor which may give you a competitive advantage.

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When in the Supplier Database, you can search for suppliers based on the product keyword, company or ASIN, giving the best opportunity to find your competition’s exact supplier. I recently used this feature to find the exact supplier that was selling my competitor a high-quality floating shelf.

Below are screenshots showing what a supplier result looks like for the query “cat coffee mug”.

Jungle Scout Supplier DatabaseSupplier resultsScreen Shot 2019 10 04 at 3.13.47 PM

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is the most accurate and comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool on the market. This tool is very helpful for finding high-quality keywords that you should include within your listing while showing the search volume and PPC cost associated with each keyword. Any Amazon seller will tell you that having the correct keyword(s) within your product listing is critical to having a high number of sales. When using a tool like Keyword Scout, you no longer have to guess which keywords to use. Put your seed keyword into the tool and let it do the critical thinking for you, then simply add the high search volume, relevant, keywords into your listing.

This tool can also be used to estimate what your PPC spend may be before even entering a product niche. The PPC bids may too high for you to even consider entering. Better to find out before spending thousands of dollars on products!

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout


I have not personally used Launch yet, but I’ve heard from other sellers that Launch has given their new products quite the boost while helping to earn reviews. Launch, once tied into your seller portal, can email your new product out to a large pool of buyers that will help you get your initial sales velocity. Once sales begin to pour in, Launch can send customers follow-up email sequences which will lead to increased product reviews, driving even more sales. You may have heard of Jump Send in the past, well Launch uses the Jump Send framework while adding increased features with a better user experience.


Since Amazon selling can be tricky, and there are many different aspects to it, Jungle Scout created Academy. Academy is a place where you can watch videos and learn how to sell like a pro within the Web App. Academy teaches not only how to use the Jungle Scout tools, but also teaches all of the other intricacies of Amazon selling that need to be done in order to become a successful Amazon seller. This resource is free of charge for Amazon Web App users, so make sure you take advantage of these videos!

Jungle Scout Academy

3. Intuitive and Easy to Use

Within 5 minutes of installing the Chrome extension, you will be analyzing niches and listings on Amazon. The extension and Web App are both intuitive and easy to use. The prominent features are well labeled, but as you use the program you will discover other functionality to make your product hunting easier and faster. When it comes to the Web App, you control how particular or broad your searches will be, so play around with the search parameters to see what meets your needs. We will be creating videos and text tutorials to help answer any questions that you might have about the product. It’s important that Jungle Scout is easy to use since the overall Amazon FBA learning curve is steep. By cutting down the time and effort needed to use JS, it gives an Amazon seller more time to source products, handle marketing, and etc.

4. Customer Service

From what Jazz and I have both experienced, Jungle Scout’s customer service is quick, friendly and helpful. As first-time sellers and new Jungle Scout users, we both had questions about the tools and even general Amazon selling questions. The people that we spoke to, via email, were very clear with their answers and gave me the confidence to keep moving into an area I had no experience in. Honestly, their customer support team is part of the reason for my success, their willingness to help and see me succeed was something I did not expect. Typically customer service teams are unhelp and short, the JS team would respond with paragraphs of information answering the question and more! If you need help or an explanation, do not hesitate to email them.

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5. How To Use The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

These are the exact steps that I used to find all of my Amazon products, which have all been a success. I’m confident that you will be able to surpass my $80,000+ in sales.

Step 1: Purchase, install and activate the plugin on Google Chrome

Step 2: Navigate to Amazon

Step 3: Enter in a search or seed keyword

Step 4: Once on the results page, press the “JS” logo in the top right-hand corner of the browser

Step 5: The Jungle Scout Extension will appear, let all the results populate for a few seconds

Step 6: Take your cursor and hover over each product to make sure it is relevant since metrics for nonrelevant products can skew your results

Step 7: If you find a result that doesn’t fit, then hover over it and select the “X” to remove it from the list. Notice that your average results at the top changed.

Step 8: Now examine the results, look for a product that has average sales of 200+ units per month and less than 60 reviews. I like to look in the $25-$45 price point. Run the Chrome Extension on the products listed below, you will see what the metrics look like for lucrative products. In the video above, I show what it looks like to analyze a very saturated niche also for comparison. 

Examples of Potentially Lucrative Products

Note, these products looked good at the time of writing this article, however, sales, demand and competition can change. Please do more research before investing, these are just example products, not guaranteed success.

Rustic Trash Can Jungle Scout

Tear dropped shaped glass weather barometer sold on Amazon.

  • Example #1:

What results appear like in the Chrome Extension. Long list showing name, sales, price, revenue and rank.

Bamboo paper towel dispenser that is sold on Amazon.

  • Example #2:

Results from using the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to search for bamboo paper towel dispensers.

Blue levitating globe that is sold an Amazon for $91.99

  • Example #3:

Results using the Chrome Extension to explore the levitating glove niche on Amazon.

Jungle Scout’s Accuracy

When I first started using Jungle Scout, I had to trust the accuracy of the estimates. The first product that I found, and actually started to sell, said my competitor was selling 900 units a month. I estimated that I could sell about 300 units per month. Immediately I knew Jungle Scout was accurate since I hit my 10 unit a day goal within the first week of selling. (At $15 profit per unit, this was $150 a day) As I grew my product line, I would use JS on my own listings since I could verify Jungle Scout’s estimates to the true numbers. I found that Jungle Scout was accurate 99% of the time, being just a few units off in most instances. If you are worried that the info you receive from the web app or Chrome Extension is inaccurate, do not worry. The information is good and true.

Jungle Scout Review Accuracy

Jungle Scout Review: Summary

To summarize, Jungle Scout played a critical role in our Amazon success. I do not think I would have been successful from day one without JS. If you are on the fence about starting an FBA business or getting Jungle Scout, don’t hesitate any longer. Jazz and I were just like you several months ago, and are now successfully selling on Amazon and earning passive income each day.

When starting my Amazon selling journey, my goal was to make $100 a day in profit and I quickly found this was easily obtainable.

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