How to expand your Referral Program with Customer Satisfaction


By leveraging word of mouth marketing, referral or customer referral programs are a low-risk, high-return way to grow a business. Dropbox is an example of a company that is famous for massive growth (over 3900%) thanks to its simple referral program.

The model is simple. Customers promote your products and services and you give them an incentive. But, when combined with a customer satisfaction strategy, referral rewards can improve your reputation and boost overall sales.

That’s because not only do customer referrals increase; referrals are increased and then you deliver on the promises you make to customers. This solidifies your credibility as your customer base grows with loyal advocates or brand ambassadors.

Our simple five-step process can streamline your referral program by attracting the right people to represent and promote your brand. We will review this strategy in the next section.

1. Use your customer satisfaction team

In most cases, the main goal of the customer satisfaction department is to ensure that your current customers are successful and happy, not to acquire new ones. However, because of their connection with loyal customers, they are the perfect conduit to boost your referral program.

Your customer satisfaction team can become one of the best sources of referrals because they are the face of your business. They can solicit feedback and referrals from satisfied customers after a good email exchange or phone call. You just need to empower them with the tools to promote your referral program effectively.

At Improvado, our customer satisfaction team constantly thinks about our referral program. Since we are a B2B company, our customer satisfaction team is on the front lines of building those relationships with our customers. When a client is happy it is a good time to remind them of our referral program, ask for a video testimonial or encourage you to review G2Crowd or Capterra. Even if a customer comes up with a challenging data analytics issue, our customer satisfaction team can jump in to save the day and then amplify this moment by requesting a referral.

Another way our client satisfaction team promotes our referral program is by including links to the program in the firm. That way, customers are reminded of this opportunity with every email interaction.

2. Create a customer satisfaction strategy

Whether you have a customer satisfaction team or are starting with a small number of collaborators, harnessing the knowledge and passion of the customer satisfaction team can be invaluable compared to other marketing channels.

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Here are some considerations you should take when formulating an internal strategy:

  • Identify happy customers with whom you have existing relationships and make your team reach out to them.
  • Add a link to your referral program at the footer of all external emails.
  • Provide your collaborators with a short script to promote the show when they end a call.
  • Consider a small prize and leaderboard as an incentive and a way to track contributors’ references.

The important thing is to educate and train your collaborators on this program. Determine who should and shouldn’t promote it, plus you should maintain a central list of outreach goals.

There is a real risk of “referral fatigue” if you keep pushing the same people and companies about the program. Therefore, the process must be managed rigorously.

3. Offer attractive and sustainable rewards

Deciding on attractive incentives can be the hardest part of setting up a program that rewards customers for their referrals. It’s also a great decision for your customer satisfaction team.

If you bid too low, you’ll spend time and money just listening to crickets for weeks. But when done right, you can get some high-quality customers and sales through your existing customer base. In fact, 78% of B2B marketers say that a referral program generates good or excellent quality leads.

To get you started, here are some of the ways you can evaluate the market.

See what your competitors offer

The first place to start is by looking at the referral programs that your competitors run. What kind of incentives do you offer for customer acquisition? Can you realistically match it or do better than them?

You don’t necessarily have to beat your incentive offer. In fact, doing so could start an arms race that leads you and your competitor into a price war. Instead, look for unique offers that target different segments of your collective audience.

Affiliate partner survey

Don’t be afraid to send out questionnaires and ask potential partners what they would be looking for in terms of compensation.

Affiliate partners are usually honest with their answers. After all, they will benefit from this synergy as much as you will. This is also a great way to set up a follow-up email when your program is up and running. It’s a valuable affiliate growth hack if it’s the path you decide to go.

Test the market

Bringing an idea to market before going all-inclusive is a common business tactic. It’s perfect for referral programs because it’s easy to tweak the rewards system to target your ideal customer. If the test program works, you start it.

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Before signing your entire sales portfolio, you can test the market with a conservative offer and send it using email marketing software. If your bid is obviously too low, you won’t miss out on many opportunities. The only real waste will be time.

4. Remove obstacles to registrations

Encouraging and attracting existing customers to refer others is the first step. Getting them to sign up and start using your referral program is the second.

It’s amazing how the smallest obstacle can cause someone to get distracted and avoid registering. Eliminating even the minor inconveniences can significantly improve the customer experience and increase your engagement rate.

Here are some things to consider when shaping your registration process:

  • Set up, test and track dedicated landing pages.
  • Use recommendation software with an intuitive dashboard and clear reporting features.
  • Ask as few questions as possible, take advantage of auto-fill forms where appropriate, and display a progress bar on the page.
  • Someone must be available to answer any questions via web chat, phone, email; You should treat current customers with the same urgency as new ones.
  • Generate referral links for partners to copy and share.
  • It includes an FAQ page that addresses in advance any topic that members might have questions about.

Ask your customers for feedback they recommend after your program has been running for a few weeks. One of the biggest complaints about any referral or referral program is the lack of communication. This is an easy solution if you are willing to focus on it.

5. Promote your client referral program

The more you promote your referral program, the more people will come. It is basic marketing. By marketing a referral program, you can offer an incentive to people for working with you.

There are dozens of ways you can promote your referral program. The approach will differ depending on your industry, the size of your company, your offering, and more. The good news is that most promotional channels have a low cost of entry and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some of the best tactics some of the big brands use. See which ones work well for you.

Email marketing

One of the fastest ways to reach customers who are already engaged with your services is through email. You may want to segment your email list for a more specific focus. This should be one of your first efforts, as it involves tapping into existing relationships.

Blog content (SEO)

Start adding a call to action in your blog content and publish SEO-focused content regarding your program. This is a long-term strategy because content can take months to fully mature. But you have the added benefit of providing content to promote, with detailed information about your program and free organic exposure.

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Main page (Homepage)

Add a link on your home page to the members area of ​​your referral program. This has a benefit for SEO positioning and captures the attention of your site visitors.


If you have access to webinar software, you can set one up in a matter of minutes. Host an educational webinar for your current clients and include a call to action that directs them to the sign up page.

Social media

Social media can also have an immediate impact and wide reach. Publicize your social media accounts and politely ask to “share” and “like” it. This is one of the most profitable channels to promote your program.


Paid ads are a direct way to get your brand in front of the right people. These ads target specific keywords and display content based on user activity. Your margins may be depleted in the short term, but what you are after are long-term goals.

Manual reach

Even in this advanced digital age, picking up the phone and talking to someone is still a great marketing tactic. It is one of the best ways to establish a meaningful and trusting relationship with a lead. Of course, you can do it by email if you prefer.

6. Take care of your customers and partners

It is good practice to take care of your clients, especially those who refer new clients to your business. After all, they represent your brand and attract new leads for your company.

Start by sending them a personal thank you email when they sign up and offer to answer any questions they might have. In addition, you should keep in touch regularly. Provide support, keep them updated on any changes to your products and services, and always have a clear line of communication open.

The most important thing is to always pay them on time and resolve any queries as soon as possible. A happy collection of partners translates to a happy customer base. And a satisfied customer base translates to growth and a healthy bottom line.

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