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Helium 10 — Overview

Helium 10 is an impressive suite of software tools designed to help Amazon sellers crush their sales goals by evaluating the competition, finding product ideas, and ranking for valuable keywords.

Helium 10’s name refers to the 10 tools the product was originally released with, but since then, several more tools have been added.

Regardless, this powerful software suite for Amazon sellers is filled to the brim with tools to help propel your Amazon listings to the front of the pack.

Here’s a quick look at each tool in the Helium 10 toolbox:

  • Magnet – Keyword research aggregator
  • Blackbox – Product research tool for finding product ideas
  • Trendster – Product research tool for analyzing product trends
  • Cerebro – Reverse ASIN lookup tool for seeing your competitors’ keyword strategies
  • Frankenstein – Amazon keyword processor, list builder, and management tool
  • Scribbles – Optimizes product listings
  • Index Checker – Checks whether or not specific keywords have been indexed by Amazon
  • Keyword Tracker – Tracks keyword rankings
  • Misspellinator – Provides common misspellings for keywords
  • Alerts – Protects against listing hijacks and fraud
  • XRay – Product research tool for analyzing the competitiveness and potential sales volume of your niche
  • Inventory Protector – Helps manage inventory and provide alerts when running low
  • Profits – Customizable dashboard to keep track of sales, revenue, and profits
  • Profitability Calculator – Helps you measure costs and make pricing decisions to maximize profits
  • Refund Genie – Tracks lost or damaged products and streamlines the refund process
  • Follow-Up – Helps manage feedback and automated follow-up emails
  • ASIN Grabber – Helps you copy/paste ASINs for less work and quicker results
  • Review Downloader – Filters through endless reviews to provide instant, in-depth customer insights
  • Mobile App – Amazon has a nice seller app, now the Helium 10 suite has one too. On the go is no longer a problem.
  • Portals – A custom landing page for your products, take control of your customers with this awesome new feature.
  • Market Tracker – A birds-eye view of how your Amazon FBA business is doing overall.
Need a minute to catch your breath? It’s understandable, that’s a lot of tools. It seems like there’s nothing Helium 10 can’t do! Before we dive deep into each one to see exactly what they’re capable of, let’s have a look at Helium 10 as a whole.

1. How Can I Take Advantage of Helium 10?

As more and more people are taking advantage of this trend of selling on Amazon, more and more and more software tools are being released to help Amazon sellers achieve profitability and success in Amazon’s competitive marketplace.

Of all of these software tools, Helium 10 is one of the best. More than just a single tool, Helium 10 is a complete suite of dynamic, robust, and insanely powerful tools and features for today’s Amazon sellers.

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There are 19 different tools and features, all available through the Helium 10 website. There’s also a Chrome extension that seamlessly integrates with the Amazon marketplace.

Helium 10’s tools and features eliminate a lot of the leg and guesswork that comes with being an Amazon seller. Through the Helium 10 dashboard, you can access all the data and information you could possibly need to become an Amazon power seller.

That’s right; the days of needing multiple subscriptions to several different tools and having a dozen browser tabs open are long gone.

With Helium 10, you can identify trends, research products, and the competition, find a ton of laser-targeted keywords, perform reverse ASIN lookups, create listings, track keywords, protect your listing from hijackers, and much, much more.

It’s possible to become a successful Amazon seller with cutting-edge software like Helium 10, but if you want to expedite your success and achieve sustainable, long-term growth, Helium 10 will help you do exactly that.

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2. Helium 10 Features

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When it comes to finding keywords, Magnet matches up with the best keyword research tools on the market today. You’ll receive a ton of results and see the search volume metrics of each. You can also filter keywords by search volume as well as by the number of words contained in the search phrase, and you can then export the keywords to Frankenstein.

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Black Box

Black Box is a robust Amazon product research tool. It uses strategic data and smart filters to help you discover product ideas. In no time at all, you can analyze the price, average sales volume, and competition of any Amazon product, letting you complete hours or days’ worth of product research in just a few minutes.


With Trendster, you can view the trend of a keyword or keyword phrase for both general and Amazon-specific searches. It’s kind of like Helium 10’s own version of Google Trends. You can use it to check the seasonality of keywords and products and see which way they’re trending both short and long term.


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Like Magnet, Cerebro is another powerful keyword research tool. It does a lot, but in a nutshell, it allows you to perform a reverse ASIN lookup and research keywords based on product numbers rather than seed keywords. By doing so, you can see any other products on Amazon ranking for similar keywords. Even more impressive, it provides a Product Rank Score and IQ Score to shed light on what you need to do to earn your product a first-place ranking.

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helium10 post 6

This is a pretty neat tool. When you import your keywords, you can use Frankenstein to condense a giant list of hundreds or even thousands of keywords into keyword groups for better organization and management. Essentially, it lets you filter and organizes your keyword phrases to boost their effectiveness.


helium10 post 7


Scribbles is a fun tool to play with. Once you’ve used Frankenstein to gather your narrowed-down list of important keywords, you can use Scribbles to include each one in your listing description and title. As you use the keywords from the list, they’re taken off to allow you to track the ones you’ve used and the ones remaining.

Index Checker

For you OG Amazon sellers, this tool used to be known as the 5K Checker. Although the name has changed, it does virtually the same thing: it checks whether or not a product listing has been indexed by the A9 algorithm for a specific keyword. In addition to using it to see if your products are being indexed for their most valuable keywords, you can also use it to see the keywords your competitor’s products are ranking for and steal them.

Keyword Tracker

As its name suggests, the Keyword Tracker allows you to track the ranking of any product keywords. Once again, you can also use it to track the keywords for your competitor’s listings in order to learn from their progress or imitate their success.


A lot of people looking for something on Google or Amazon will type the keyword or name of the product wrong. While Amazon sometimes corrects these misspellings, this isn’t always the case. Misspellinator lets you capitalize on misspellings by providing recommendations for common keyword misspellings. You can also see the search volumes for each of the misspelling recommendations and automatically import whichever ones you select to Frankenstein.


It’s unfortunate, but listing and ranking hijacking do happen. The Alerts feature will keep this from happening to you. It provides 24/7 listing protection by immediately sending alerts via SMS or email whenever someone attempts to hijack your listing. It also captures and sends daily screenshots of your active listings and provides reporting templates to quickly report a hijacking incident to Amazon should one occur.

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helium10 post 8

Like a handful of Helium 10’s other features, XRay is available inside the incredible Helium 10 Chrome extension. You can use it to gain immediate insights into a veritable buffet of data and metrics, such as sales trends, prices, revenue estimates, PPC analytics, and more from a single location.

Inventory Protector

Inventory Protector is a handy tool that keeps track of every product you have in stock and provides running inventory totals for the month, week, day, or any time period you pick. Meanwhile, the tool’s widgets will let you see which products are increasing or declining in sales, so you can quickly order more stock. It’s a lot like an insurance policy – you may never need to use it, but it’s definitely nice to have.


With this nifty tool, you can see live, up-to-the-minute data regarding virtually every aspect of your Amazon business 24/7. You can use it to keep track of sales trends, gross revenue, net profit, profit margins, ROI, promotions, refunds, and more. You can track it all from this handy analytics dashboard.

Profitability Calculator

When running an Amazon business, you can never have enough data. The Profitability Calculator provides even more useful data and factors in product weight and dimensions, manufacturing costs, shipping costs, and more to give you a clear and complete picture of your expected profit with every item you list. It even factors in the FBA fees!

Refund Genie

The FBA refund process can be a bit of a pain. Amazon knows this and has drawn out the process and made it confusing in order to issue as few refunds as possible. Refund Genie simplifies matters to allow you to be reimbursed as quickly as possible with little to no work on your part. With its pre-written message templates, you can quickly send Amazon complete breakdowns of what you’re owed in minutes and save yourself hours of work.


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Follow-Up is essentially an email automation tool, allowing you to automate the follow-up process and spend time on other tasks essential to growing your business. With it, you can create custom emails and have them sent out to customers automatically to thank them for their purchase, build a relationship with them, and promote other products. It’s customizable, well-designed, easy to set up, and a great tool for gaining positive reviews and boosting the lifetime value of each customer.

ASIN Grabber

The ASIN Grabber is a simpler but extremely handy tool. It can be used to copy/paste ASINs, allowing you to quickly find products, create targeted PPC ads, and more.

Review Downloader

As part of Helium 10’s Chrome extension, the Review Downloader is a super unique feature that allows you to sort reviews and export them into a handy spreadsheet for optimal organization. It’s hands down one of the quickest and easiest ways to perform Amazon review research. You can use it to quickly see what thousands and thousands of buyers are saying about your product, one of your competitor’s products, or even products you may be interested in selling.

Market Tracker

Helium 10’s Market tracker is one of the latest tools to be released into the suite.

Market Tracker GIF


3. Plans And Pricing

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Helium 10 offers a free subscription plan you can begin with, but not surprisingly, it’s pretty limited. You only get to use Cerebro twice a day, and since Cerebro is one of Helium 10’s most impressive tools, this is a big reason to upgrade to one of the three paid plans. The free plan also features fewer tools and only lets you track up to 20 keywords.

Needless to say, if you plan on using Helium 10, which is a smart move, we recommend going with one of the paid options. You can go the A La Carte route with a starting price of $17 a month. However, this is only ideal if you plan on using a few tools. Otherwise, the dollars can quickly add up with each tool you want to use.

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Most Helium 10 users opt for the Platinum Plan. With this plan, you get access to Helium 10’s full lineup of tools and features. However, at $97 a month, this plan really only makes sense if your Amazon business is already making money or serious about creating a successful Amazon FBA business and not just a side hustle. Otherwise, this monthly fee may be a hard pill to swallow.

On the other hand, if you’re already making money as an Amazon seller and want to take advantage of everything Helium can do, the Diamond Plan might be worth considering. At $197 a month, it not only gives you access to every tool and feature, but it expands your limits and capabilities as well. Did we mention you now get access to Helium 10 ADS, this tool alone is worth the $197 per month for the amount you will save on PPC advertising.

Ultimately, whether you go with the Platinum or Diamond Plan really depends on how much you’re currently selling. Unless you need to track hundreds of ASINs or check thousands of keywords hundreds of times each month, the Platinum Plan should be all you need.

Lastly, there’s the Elite Plan. At $397 a month, it’s designed for power sellers. In addition to unlocking everything Helium 10 has to offer, it provides users with in-person workshops, cutting-edge training, and high-level networking opportunities.

Helium 10 Review: Summary

As you can see in this in-depth Helium 10 review, the software suite is loaded with powerful, sophisticated tools, allowing it to go toe to toe with every other all-in-one Amazon solution out there. It offers tremendous value and you can try it out for free!

However, like everything else, not everything about Helium 10 is perfect. So, to wrap it up here’s a quick rundown of its pros and cons.


  • One of the most complete and comprehensive suite of Amazon seller tools on the market
  • Great value when you add up all the individual tools
  • Every tool and feature compliments one another
  • Extremely well-designed and easy to use
  • Super powerful data analytic functions


  • More powerful options out there for a couple of the tools
  • Free option is quite limiting

Sure, a couple of Helium 10’s tools are bested by others out there, but most of the suite’s tools are the best in the business. So, in terms of value and effectiveness, Helium 10 is tough to beat.

With great customer service, smart design choices, and a bevy of educational resources as well, it’s easy to see why Helium 10 has become an industry leader. It provides Amazon sellers with the best tools intel and power needed to not only beat the competition but remain competitive in the world’s most competitive and lucrative marketplace.

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