GrooveFunnels Review (2022) — The Key Pros and Cons


This GrooveFunnels review is going to be unlike any other review I’ve done before. The fact of the matter is that there’s a lot going on with this software. Not only is GrooveFunnels brand new:

  • It also comes with many different features and perks
  • They have different plans and prices available according to your needs
  • And lastly, you have the unique opportunity where you can try features for free

So allow me to give you my early thoughts when it comes to this software.

After all, it certainly has the potential to be one of the best sales funnels moving forward.

Here is some quick info about GrooveFunnels and how it can with building your online business.

What Is GrooveFunnels Exactly?

what is groovefunnels

So what Is GrooveFunnels anyway? Created by Mike Filsaime, GrooveFunnels is considered a better free way to build your funnels and sell digital products online.

And just in case you can’t see the image above because it’s slightly smaller?

It’s also considered your complete sales system for digital products and services.

As of writing this GrooveFunnels review post, GrooveFunnels hasn’t 100% fully launched yet.

And that’s a good thing for a couple of reasons:

  • You get to take advantage of the lifetime pricing option (more on that later).
  • The Groove team is constantly making adjustments thanks to community feedback.

It’s always a good idea to hop on software when they are first being released to the market.

There’s also been some confusion when it comes to these two specific terms:

  1. GrooveFunnels.
  2. GroovePages.

You now know what GrooveFunnels is, so allow me to explain what GroovePages is.

What Is GroovePages?

what is groovepages

So what is GroovePages anyway? It’s very simple.

GroovePages is a feature that comes with the entire GrooveFunnels software.

GroovePages allows you to create:

  • Landing pages.
  • Complete sales funnels.
  • You can even create websites if you want.

If you look at the image above, that’s what you’ll see when you go to first use GroovePages.

Helpful Note: Don’t be confused by how it says Create your first site in the image above.

Underneath that text, it also talks about creating marketing pages and sales funnels as well.

When you get free access to GrooveFunnels, this is one of the features that you get.

The only difference is that it’s the lite plan, which still isn’t too bad.

Don’t worry though.

I will be extensively talking about the GroovePages feature as we continue this review.

So you know what GrooveFunnels is and some of the big perks that it has.

But will GrooveFunnels work for you?

This is a very common question when it comes to getting any new type of software.

So be sure to keep reading to make sure that this software tool is right for you and your needs.

Will GrooveFunnels Work For You?

groovefunnels fitness

This is very easy to answer, so allow me to ask you a few questions:

  • Do you currently have any type of business, whether it be online or offline?
  • Are you looking to start an online or offline business?

If you answered YES to any one of those questions above?

Then GrooveFunnels will most certainly work for you.

And all of the factors that usually get in the way when it comes to getting started?

They don’t matter as well.

What I’m referring would have to be:

  • Your niche.
  • Your offline or online business.
  • Or even your current level of experience

Do you see the picture of the GrooveFunnels fitness template a little ways above?

That’s to show you that GrooveFunnels is catered to help any type of offline or online business.

Here is another example of a GrooveFunnels template for massage therapy:

groovefunnels massage therapy

So regardless of the online or offline business that you have, or haven’t started yet?

Again, GrooveFunnels will work for you.

Please keep in mind that there is plenty more to choose from than what I showed above.

In fact, I’ll be showcasing a few more of their landing page templates as we continue on.

GrooveFunnels will also work very well for all types of online marketers, including:

  • Bloggers.
  • Affiliate marketers.
  • Internet marketers.
  • Social media marketers.
  • Coaches and consultants.

And anyone else who is looking to capture leads and make more sales.

I think you get the idea by now.


So you now have a good amount of information when it comes to GrooveFunnels.

However, it’s going to get better as I talk a bit about what GrooveFunnels offers.

Let’s showcase some of the GrooveFunnels features next.

1. GrooveFunnels Features

So let’s take a look at some of the biggest GrooveFunnels features.

I’ll also have a list of the features that will be launched later, and what we know about them so far.

Landing Pages, Sales Funnels, And Websites


We’ve talked about the GroovePages, but I want to you a tutorial walkthrough of this feature.

This is one of the features that happen to come along free with GrooveFunnels.

Helpful Reminder: You get a lite version of the GroovePages funnel builder.

GroovePages is very similar to what other landing page editors on the market can do.

Since it’s still in beta, it’s more challenging to compare it to other established software tools.


Anyway, it’s pretty simple when it comes to creating a landing page like the one above with me.

Allow me to walk you through the steps right now so that you can follow along.

Let’s start off by going to the GroovePages section, which you can see in the image down below:

funnel builder dashboard

This is what it looks like when you go to create your first:

  • Website.
  • Sales Funnel.
  • Landing page.

All we need to do here is click on the New Site button at the top right of the page.

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Helpful Note: Please keep in mind that the page design and buttons can always change.

This walkthrough will still help you through the process of creating your marketing pages.

We then have two options:

  1. Start from scratch (thanks, but no thanks).
  2. Choose one of the GrooveFunnels templates.

Pretty tough choice, eh?

Let’s choose from one of the GrooveFunnels templates that they have to offer.

I’m all about digital and affiliate marketing, so I went with the GrooveFunnels eBook template:

groovefunnels ebook template

This template is as simple as possible, and that’s why I like it so much.

After choosing your template, you then get taken to the drag-and-drop editor section.

As I’ve said before when it comes to editing your marketing pages:

This is where the rubber meets the road.

It’s always important that any landing page builder has a smoother drag-and-drop editor.

GrooveFunnels passes the test.

This is good news considering the fact that they are still in the process of fully launching.

Let’s have a look at what their landing page editor platform looks like below:

page builder platform

Not too bad right?

What I like the most about their editor is that all of the main functions are shown on the screen.

Referring to the image that I put above, on the left side you’ll notice that you can pick from:

  • Blocks.
  • Elements.
  • Pages.
  • Popups.

Most of these sections have quite a few options to choose from as well.

For example, when it comes to blocks, you can utilize:

  • Content.
  • Alert bars.
  • Testimonials.
  • Call to action.
  • And a bunch more as well.

Popups are going to very helpful for all of your marketing pages and websites as well.

They allow you to generate more clicks, leads, or sales when specific actions occur.

Back to the editor, editing your landing pages is pretty simple:

  • Click (or double click) on the section that you want to edit.
  • Change the text, the font, the size, the image, or whatever else you need to do.

Then you have all of the sections on the left side that you can drag and drop where you want.

Here is what it looks like when you click on a section to edit the text:

groovefunnels element edit

It’s pretty simple to navigate and use, and that’s something that you’ll certainly enjoy.

I recommend that you try out and access this feature for yourself because remember, it’s free:

So what do some of the other GrooveFunnels templates look like?

Allow me to show you.

Examples Of A Few GroovePages Templates

groovepages templates group

The picture above showcases eight total templates that come along with GroovePages.

These are all mostly online marketing-related.

Aside from the scheduled appointment template perhaps, many online businesses can use that.

Given the fact that GrooveFunnels hasn’t fully launched yet?

They don’t have 100s of templates yet compared to many other software tools at the time.

Don’t worry though, there are more templates than what’s shown above.

Here is another example of a group of GroovePages templates:

groovepages templates bundle

At the time of writing this, there are currently 30 templates that you can use for landing pages.

I imagine that they will be adding many more templates for landing pages in the future.

So that’s what we know so far when it comes to GroovePages as well as their templates:

  • The drag-and-drop editor is simple to use.
  • They currently have 30 templates and they will be adding many more.

And don’t forget that you can create landing pages for any type of niche or offer.

Get access to this shopping cart platform below:

Let’s move onto the next big (and free) feature that comes along with GrooveFunnels.

GrooveSell: Powerful Sales And Affiliate Platform

groovesell dashboard

So GrooveSell is another fabulous feature that happens to come along with GrooveFunnels.

Do you want to know what the best part about GrooveSell is?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

You get to use 100% of GrooveSell after getting sign-up with GrooveFunnels for free.

Shopping cart software like this usually costs anywhere from $49-$97 per month to use.

Sometimes it can cost even more.

And you get it for 100% free.

I’m getting ahead of myself though, GrooveSell is simply considered as:

The better way to sell digital products.

Helpful Note: GrooveSell can also be used as an affiliate platform too.

Here’s what is so beneficial about this shopping cart within GrooveFunnels:

  • There are no monthly or transaction fees.

This means that you’ll be able to save more money when selling with this shopping cart.

Plus, you won’t have to pay to use any other separate shopping cart software.

While GrooveSell is still in Beta, it’s very easy to follow along with the steps that they outlined.

You can see a picture down below of what I mean:

groovesell price point

It might be difficult to see (especially if you’re on mobile), so here are some more details.

All you need to do is follow the steps that are at the top of GrooveSell.

Here are the steps to follow in the GrooveSell section:

  1. Info: the quick details about the product that you’re selling.
  2. Pricing: the price and the type of payment (shown above).
  3. Gateways: credit card, PayPal, GrooveSell payments, etc.
  4. Contents: links to your sales page and thank you page.
  5. Checkout: where you would like your checkout page to be hosted.
  6. Bumps: amazing perk, but it isn’t available yet (more on this soon).
  7. Funnel: you can configure your upsell and downsell pages here.
  8. Fulfillment: this is for customers accessing what they just bought.
  9. Affiliates: would you like to have an affiliate program? You can do that here.
  10. Proof: add proof in order to make many more sales.

Also in the picture above, there are four different types of payments that you can use:

  • One-time payment.
  • Recurring payment.
  • Installments.
  • Recurring installments (coming soon).

If you need any type of one platform when it comes to selling products, offers, or services?

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So there’s only been two main sections that we’ve talked about when it comes to GrooveFunnels.

There’s still a whole lot more.

However, the following perks have been announced but not fully launched yet.

Let’s talk about this a little so that you can know what to expect in the future.

GrooveMail: Email Marketing Automation And More


Remember how I said that GrooveFunnels will be a complete all-in-one platform?

Well, GrooveFunnels will also come with GrooveMail.

GrooveMail will have everything that comes with the most world-class email marketing solutions.

With GrooveMail, you will be able to perform:

  • Email broadcasting.
  • Email sequence automation.
  • And don’t forget about text and voice SMS broadcasting.

GrooveMember: Creating Membership Sites And Funnels For Your Products

groovemember platform

Membership areas have become more popular with many of the sales funnels builders.

So it’s easy to see that the GrooveFunnels platform is following along with that trend.

GrooveMember allows you to:

  • Deliver digital content and products in a secure and password-protected members area.
  • This will help give your customers the excellent experience that they need.

What’s good to know is that GrooveMember will also use a drag-and-drop editor.

If this is anything similar to what Kartra has to offer with membership sites?

Then this is going to be a feature that you’ll want to use for your protected products.

GrooveVideo: Do More Than Just Get Views


With the amount of time that people spend on platforms like YouTube?

It’s quite obvious just how hot video currently is.

So when it comes to GrooveVideo, you will be able to:

  • Generate leads with your videos.
  • Turn any of your videos into powerful marketing tools.
  • Turn on automation settings based on who watched your videos.

And then there’s the simple stuff like being able to share videos on social networks.

Once again, this is very similar to what Kartra currently does.

GrooveWebinars: Automated And Live Streaming Presentations

groovewebinars coming soon

Now, this is a feature that can certainly help you make more sales.

Once again, there is little information about this specific feature.

With GrooveFunnels, you’ll be able to run:

  • Automated webinars.
  • Live webinars.

As well as classes, meetings, or overall sales presentations.

This is thanks to their advanced streaming technology that they’ll be utilizing.

As shown in the image above, they also allow:

  • Viewing options: show your screen, camera, or both.
  • Full designs: you have full control of how your webinars look.
  • Secure rooms: so secure that they are protected by moats and firebreathing dragons.

Nice to see that I’m not the only one with a sense of humor around here 😛

Next is going to be a list of other features that will come along with GrooveFunnels.

There isn’t a whole lot of information when it comes to these features yet.

As always though, I will update them as they get closer to being fully launched.

GrooveBlog: Your Very Own Writing Platform

At this time, there isn’t a lot of information that comes along with GrooveBlog.

However, you will be able to publish the following in order to grow your organic reach:

  • Text.
  • Audio content.
  • Video content.

This is one feature that I won’t be using.

Personally, I like the combination of WordPress plus web-hosting.

GrooveCalendar: Schedule All Of Your Important Appointments

GrooveCalendar will allow you to:

  • Sell consultations.
  • Schedule meetings.
  • Create open office hours.
  • Set a series of events or recurring appointments.
  • Manage the process of rescheduling communications much easier.

Remember when I said that GrooveFunnels will work for both online and offline businesses?

This is a testament to that specific statement.

This is a specific section of GrooveFunnels that will help a lot of different businesses.

More information about GrooveCalendar coming later this year.

GrooveDesk: Give Your Customers The Support That They Need

The GrooveDesk section will be your helping hand.

Not only for you but for your loyal customers as well.

GrooveDesk will be a part of the entire GrooveFunnels suite.

This will be beneficial because it makes it easier for you to:

  • Look up customer history.
  • Manage transactions.

2. Plans & Pricing

So there are going to be 4 total plans that you can choose from (for now).

Here are the four currently GrooveFunnels plans:

  • The Base plan is free (for now).
  • The Silver plan will be $99/month.
  • The Gold will cost $199/month.
  • The Platinum Lifetime Deal: the payment will be around $1,500 (depending on how you pay).

Let’s take a closer look at what you get with each of these plans.

Base Plan (Free)

This is the plan that I’ve mentioned many times in this GrooveFunnels review.

The Base Plan is 100% free.

Here is what you get to access after signing up for free:

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate (you can have your own affiliate program).
  • GroovePages (keep in mind that this is going to be the lite version).

You also get 20% commissions when promoting them through the affiliate program.

Just keep this in mind that when it comes to the free Base plan.

You are not allowed to:

  • Email leads.
  • Email buyers.
  • Email affiliates.
  • There is also no email for cart abandons.

There’s always the good news though:

You can email these leads when integrating with many popular 3rd party email marketing tools.

The two that I know they integrate with right now are Aweber and Mailchimp.

I imagine that there will be many more email marketing integrations in the future.

Helpful Note: You don’t even need a credit card in order to get access for free.

Let’s move onto the next plan now.

Silver Plan ($99 Per Month)

As stated on the upgrade page for GrooveFunnels:

The Silver plan has the core apps needed to run a startup online business.

And remember, the Silver plan will cost $99 per month when it finally goes live.

Here are the perks that will come with the Silver plan:

  • GrooveSell.
  • GrooveAffiliate.
  • GroovePages Pro.
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And then you have the perks that are going to be released within this year:

  • GrooveMail.
  • GrooveVideo.
  • GrooveMember.

And as mentioned in the previous section, you will be able to:

  • Email leads.
  • Email buyers.
  • Email affiliates.
  • Email cart abandons.

Let’s move onto the next plan that you’ll be able to choose from in the future.

Gold Plan ($199 Per Month)

As also stated on the upgrade page for GrooveFunnels:

The Gold plan has the core+ apps needed for professionals to run an online business.

And remember, the Gold plan will cost $199 per month when it finally goes live.

You get everything from the previous Silver Plan along with:

  • GrooveBlog.
  • GrooveDesk.
  • GrooveQuiz.
  • GrooveSurvey.
  • GrooveCalendar.

All in all, the Silver and Gold plan’s have very similar to what Kartra offers with their plans.

Last but not least, we have the very best buying option that GrooveFunnels offers.

Platinum Plan (For A Very Limited Time)

This is also referred to as the GrooveFunnels lifetime deal.

And at the time of writing this?

You can still unlock this very special deal.

So the Platinum Plan comes with every single feature that GrooveFunnels offers.

In other words:

  • You will get access to everything that I talked about when it goes live.
  • You will also never have to worry about paying recurring fees once you own it.
  • You also get 40% commissions when utilizing their affiliate program to promote GrooveFunnels.

The Platinum plan comes with a few ways to purchase it.

Here they are:

  • One payment of only $1,397 (this is what I chose).
  • $0 today and then 3 easy monthly payments of $497 starting in 14 days.
  • 6 easy payments of $288.
  • 12 easy payments of $188.

Either way, all of these payment plans allow you to get GrooveFunnels lifetime access.

I choose the one-time payment of $1,397 because it saves you the most amount of money.

Anyways, here are the steps that you would need to take in order to take advantage of this:

  1. Get free access to GrooveFunnels through the link at the end of this review.
  2. Upgrade once you are on the inside.

It’s a simple process and a no-brainer decision in terms of being able to save money.

So now we’ve got the GrooveFunnels pricing out of the way.

Let’s move onto the conclusion of this GrooveFunnels review.

3. Pros & Cons

GrooveFunnels Dislikes

  • They are still currently in Beta.
  • They are a little behind schedule (which isn’t a big deal).

I mean, there’s not a whole lot to dislike about GrooveFunnels at the moment.

It’s pretty hard to be negative about something that hasn’t fully launched yet.

But after all, being a bit behind schedule is a good thing.

It gives you more time to access the lifetime deal before it’s gone forever.

On the other hand, there is going to be a lot to like about this sales funnel software.

Let’s look at them.

GrooveFunnels Likes

  • Beneficial affiliate program.
  • Helpful community for answering questions.
  • Creating landing pages is a very smooth process.
  • They currently allow access for free (no credit card needed).
  • There is currently the option to upgrade for the lifetime deal.
  • GrooveFunnels is on track to having one of the most powerful funnel software tools.

I imagine that this list will only grow once I get to fully review every aspect of this software.

And yes, I will be doing that.

In the meantime, I hope that this early GrooveFunnels review helped you out in some way.

There will be many more updates to this post as more of their platform launches and grows.

So be sure to bookmark this page to come back to it.

In the meantime?

I recommend that you test out what they are giving away at the time:

This looks like a great platform for building and growing your online business.

One landing page at a time.

Here is one last section for you in case you have more questions about GrooveFunnels.

Frequently Asked Questions about GrooveFunnels:

Here is where I’ll be answering some of the most popular questions related to GrooveFunnels.

Can You Create Websites With GrooveFunnels?

Yes, you can create websites with GrooveFunnels.

However, I personally won’t be doing this because I like having my own setup:

  1. Hosting
  2. WordPress blog

It’s a much better setup if you’re looking to do advanced things with your website.

However, if you plan on having a small website just for show?

Then you’ll be fine with using the free hosting that GrooveFunnels happens to offer.

Here’s a popular question when it comes to this sales funnel tool.

Is The GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan Upgrade Worth The Money?


This becomes even more true if you plan on using GrooveFunnels for the long term.

The Silver Plan will cost $199 per month, and the lifetime deal is $1,397.

So after seven months, the lifetime deal will pay for itself and so much more.

Just think about how much money that will save you moving forward as well.

Plus, you get everything that you need to build and grow your online business.

It’s Your Turn Now!

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